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What do you think - will grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does stack up against the competition?

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Jason Brian in Lakeland, Florida

58 months ago

Host said: What do you think - will grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does stack up against the competition?

Mr. Rivera,

Let me Introduce myself. I am the gentleman you're talking about above. I know for 100% certain that you and I have never even met so Allow me to explain to you how things actually work. It is the American dream to be an entrepreneur and start projects that work. That ultimately allows for jobs to be created, people to be employed, and in addition (but separate) charity work to happen. Again, not knowing your situation personally, I can tell you you were either let go for one of two reasons. Number one, You were assigned to a project within our organization that simply was not profitable and so it was removed. Sometimes As an entrepreneur, you take risks, and sometimes they don't pay off. That is unfortunate but it's business. The second reason would be your performance. We do not keep employees that underperform. It is the company's responsibility to itself and its employees to be financially responsible when considering employees to retain or to let go. is a for-profit organization, and it's charity work is not employing people. Employees will earn their spots on my team. The "man of the year" Award was given to me indeed, but not because of me employing people, But rather because I raised almost $90,000 for the leukemia and lymphoma Society of palm beach and the fight against blood cancers,Which I believe is what shows my character not my Willingness to employ people that simply put don't make the company money or underperform. It is indeed Unfortunate that youre no longer unemployed with us. I'm sure you are a great person, but Often times businesses have to make decisions that are tough. That said please gather and consider facts when choosing to make slanderous remarks on the Internet, about people you have never met.


Jason Brian

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