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sunbumfl in West Palm Beach, Florida

93 months ago

They fired one on their best managers a couple of weeks ago. This guy called a dealer who was they had cancelled two months before to see if he was going to pay. Because he threatened legal action, if the dealer did not pay and the dealer recorded the conversation. Low and behold this dealer has a relationship with the president of Cox Autotrader. The message was sent down from on high fire him.
This is the same manager who has grown every area they have given him, developed countless people, and is one of the most liked managers in the the company by both fellow employees and dealers alike.
The irony the dealer still did not pay the $4000 and the company lost a manager who had generated millions.

Is that great senior management or what?????

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jaw0208 in Los Angeles, California

93 months ago

Is that legal? If the guy was recorded without his knowledge and then was fired based on the recording, I would think he could take legal action. If he is not then he should.

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JP Prime in Virginia

93 months ago

Sorry to say, this sounds typical. All his contacts & interactions are in CARS, they don't need him anymore LMAO!!!!

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ravenwolven in Tampa, Florida

88 months ago

I agree with jaw0208. As far as I know its illegal to record someone's telephone conversation without their knowledge. Doesn't it sound fishy that the dealer that owed $4000 was still in the system even though he was a friend of the president? There was no note of a "presidential pardon"?

Sounds like the manager was doing his job, but was "expensive." That's just the kind of employee that AT has been trimming and the whole thing sounds like a planned firing. They're good at making up stupid excuses to fire people.

God, this company sucks.

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