How to get a job at BAE SYSTEMS.

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Do you work at BAE SYSTEMS? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

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Karen Cornelio in Bronx, New York

96 months ago

How can I get an entry-level job position at BAE SYSTEMS?

Thank You,
Karen Cornelio

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danny in Lanham, Maryland

96 months ago

how can i get an entry level for electrical engineer at BAE SYSTEMS?

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Chris in Rochester, New York

44 months ago


Since this conversation has moved from opinions about BAE to opinions about unions...
"When I first started, I chose to get actively involved and do something about the nature of the business to protect myself and my family's future."

Why is it you feel joining a union will provide any form of protection? Most people are not in a union today and they seem to do just fine. I think we come from two vastly different angles on this. I believe 'protection' comes from performing exceptional work, having a high work ethic, etc. It has literally never occurred to me joining a union would improve my ability to remain employed. I think if you constantly strive to improve yourself, remain relevant in your field of study, you'll do alright.

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Brent Eastom in Rochester, New York

43 months ago

As I said, the reason I commented on your post was because in your suggestion as to not seek employment to BAE in Fort Wayne, Indiana you attacked the work ethic of the entire general population at the facility.

You can't honestly tell me that people that aren't backed with the protections of a union contract have any real say in whether or not their healthcare premiums triple, whether or not their pensions are frozen, or whether or not they have to work as you well know "casualty hours" for no money at all, or ever receive an honest raise for the work they do.

It seems odd to me that you who lived the life as an engineer at the very same facility I worked at and knew about the salary benefits that you had at that time, and then would ask the question as to why I feel that the Union provides workers protection from attacks from the Company simply saying, "Like it or leave it."

No thanks, I choose to fight for my future, not constantly run because my last employer wouldn't give me what I want. What happens when all Companies are in collusion together and decide to offer the same sorry cheap benefit packages, where do you run to next? I respect your opinion and your stance, but I think you could have approached it a little more tastefully, that is why I chose to respond to you that your generalization that Unions are the problem at facilities is completely off base.

I have 30+ more years to work at the facility and if you think I as a Union official want to protect people that don't assist in the job security at the location that we represent than you are off your rocker my friend. The same reason I am making a response to you attacking the location I work at, I am claiming that Fort Wayne is a great place to work for the right people with the right attitudes. I am simply offering a counter-argument to your initial post that we're a bunch of worthless scum.

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Chris in Rochester, New York

43 months ago

Wow, what a statement, 7 hours ago no less when most people have already been at work for many hours. Either you don't work first shift or you chose to respond while at work.

Part of the hiring process is offering the potential candidate enough compensation to persuade him / her to move to your facility. If you don't like it, don't hire in. Period. It's that simple. If the company looses its edge and begins retracting compensation over time, in this country you have the right to move on somewhere else. I can't believe you actually think, once hired in, you can hold the company through a union to dues you feel you are owed. What an outrageous idea!

You can't honestly tell ME that all the corporations in America, possibly even some across the globe, would conspire together and suppress compensation. Are you kidding me?!

You know how I fight for my future? I work hard to keep my edge in technology on other engineers, which includes most at your facility. Out of this hard work I've achieved a position which provides much better compensation, including benefits, bonuses, paid time off, etc, than anything BAE provided. By remaining relevant and always on top of current technology I can always ensure I will be employable, which as you may know quite a lot of people in this country are not today due to obsolete skill sets.

Perhaps someday my opinion may change, as I've often thought it would be nice to have some security which a union provides. At the same time, I wonder, why join when my salary would likely decrease in half, and if I lost my job today I could move to many technology companies in America and likely receive an offer.

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Chris in Rochester, New York

43 months ago


We are evidently the same age as I have 30+ years left myself. I admit I'm wondering how you'll turn out; it's quite obvious unions are, well, as one co-worker told me today "done". They are not the future in this country, except in unique fields such as medical professions through the advent of so many malpractice lawsuits.

I'm curious how your mentality will do. Is joining a union the wise decision in the global 21st century? I don't think so, but it's interesting hearing an articulate argument for once. After my father lost his job when I was a kid, I knew then the best way to prepare for a job loss, which I assume everyday could occur, is to get as good as humanly possible at your chosen profession, and to avoid as best you can dead end career moves. In this fashion I can control my own destiny, and not be controlled by other people's poor decisions (which is what some strikes can be considered). I don't worry about issues you seem to worry about because I am ensuring I am employable for many years into the future.

As fun as this was, I have other things to do, as I'm sure you do too. I need to continue working on my master's degree as well as begin planning on the engineering text book I've been looking to write for three years now.

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Brent Eastom in Rochester, New York

43 months ago

Rest assured I did not post while I was at work, it is amazing, but not a shock, that is all you got from our comments back and forth. I wish you the best, but while I was reading your posts, only one thing could come to mind.

Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."

I will be praying for your future and humility because arrogance is never a very becoming personality trait of men to carry with them.

A wise man once said, "If any man tells you he loves America, yet hates labor, he is a liar. If any man tells you he trusts America, yet fears labor, he is a fool."

-- Abraham Lincoln

Think about it and God Bless!

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Chris in Rochester, New York

43 months ago

Brent you're a good man. I thought the entire night about what I have said, and how I said it. I apologize to you and those you work for; please except this. For what it's worth, several union employees at BAE were the hardest working individuals I met within some time. I think I just had a bad day 44 months ago, to be honest. I was stressed recently as well and should have said things differently on this important forum, and for that I am also sorry.

God bless you as well!

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