Bank of America wrongfully fired me. What will they tell my new employer?

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So Long Sally in Highland, New York

42 months ago

So, Bank of America fired me for not making it to work during a blizzard so bad the entire state was shut down in a state of emergency... I had called in, I was not a no call no show. About a month later the department I worked in was shut down. I was too ashamed to pursue investigating the matter or demanding my job back.

What concerns me now is what information will Bank of America share when my new employer calls them for verification? Do I have to share the embarassing information that I was wrongfully terminated? Can I say I was laid off? I firmly believe I was fired so that BoA didn't have to give me a severance. I've been collecting unemployment from them and their recruiters have tried to get me to reapply. I feel this is evidence to support my belief. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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So Long Sally in Plainville, Connecticut

42 months ago

Please excuse my typo. Deposits must me processed come hell or high water.
We were expected to be at work any day that was not either a weekend or a federal holiday. The situation still really bothers me and I shouldn't have to be on the defensive. I was an excellent employee who worked very hard with minimal errors. Yet my manager bullied everyone, constantly threatening termination. I have a very strong work ethic so it really bothers me that I have to tell prospective employers I was fired for being absent. Granted, I was out of sick time. Why? When my house burned to the ground instead of offering me assistance BoA made me use all my pto while I tried to get my life together after losing my home and all posessions. Maybe I'm in the wrong, but I still feel violated.

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