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Jen mi

Updated 4 hours ago

BofA Applicant Screening Investigation (ASI) - 366 Replies

Thank you for replying. Was your phone interview, the initial one with the HR person? If they scheduled more interviews with you, even after you...

Jen mi

Updated 4 hours ago

BOA finger printing and criminal bankground check? Please reply ASAP... I am really stressed out !!! - 48 Replies

jbuble, can you please let us know how it turned out for you? I'm in a fix now, as I'm going thru a very similar situation and it would help to know...


Updated 2 days ago

Here's my Bank of America Fraud Analyst hiring experience - start to finish - 7 Replies

What is the day-to-day like as a fraud analyst?


Updated 5 days ago

bank of america assesment test - 19 Replies

I lost the page for assesment test which even I didn't started even .How to get back to it?


Updated 7 days ago

What kind of work background check does BofA do? - 494 Replies

[QUOTE who="Sabina in Short Hills, New Jersey"]Recently, I had an interview for a "Teller Operations Specialist" position with BoA in NJ. Although, I...

Jen mi

Has anyone got a job at BOA after expungement?

Hello, Is there anyone who expunged their theft related charges (dishonesty, theft, shoplifting etc) and have eventually been hired by BofA? I...


Credit Check for Banking Center Manager position

I unfortunately have not been responsible in the past, and currently have some small credit card chargeoffs, a judgement against me from my...


Updated 19 days ago

I wouldnt recommend working at BofA - 2 Replies

OMG sounds just like my experience. I thought I was the only one because everyone seems so excited to work here. I was hired 5 months ago. ...


Updated 19 days ago

Bank Of America Call Center - 1 Reply

yes I can and no it is not easy. I have had this job for 5 months and so stressful. I was hired into platinum services and have been through 4...

Curious in Cali

Talking to Corporate Security

Alright so I have my job offer - I9 - fingerprinting - new hire stuff all done - Just waiting on our friend the ASI. Now I was told that I probably...


Updated 20 days ago

What's the company culture at Bank Of America? - 78 Replies

[QUOTE who="reread people in Tampa, Florida"]Did you ever email one of your bosses by chance? If the english you used above was in your email I would...

Ruby Slippers

Updated 20 days ago

California Laws and Reporting Firings - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Curious in Cali in corona, California"]Hey guys - quick question. As many of you know California is a very EmployEE friendly state. One...

happy journey

Updated 21 days ago

Applying for BOA with DUI record - 52 Replies

I did apply for a job with boa, and disclosed a first time misdemeanor dwi. I have 12 years customer service and a AAS degree. i received an email...


Is there an onsite Daycare at the Kennesaw, GA Call Center??

Someone mentioned that BOFA has onsite Daycare facilities at some of there call center locations. I want to know if the Call Center in Kennesaw, GA...


Updated 25 days ago

My hiring process-ask me questions - 27 Replies

Federal charges cannot be expunged


Updated 1 month ago

Bank Of America Interview Questions. - 121 Replies

second interview at a job fair with alot of ppl. it was two managers interview and basically its like a prescreen interview.questions like, tell me a...


Updated 1 month ago

Bank Of America Teller Hiring Process from start to finish guide - 72 Replies

Hi I completed the hiring process and I start Monday morning as a teller. I was just curious, what can I expect on my first day?


Updated 1 month ago

Eligibility For Rehire Conspiracy? - 9 Replies

Employers may not be able to get more than salary, dates of hire, from previous employers. But all they have to do is ask that rehire eligibility...


Updated 1 month ago

Rehire status change - 4 Replies

Its sad.... it was 18 years for me


Updated 1 month ago

Back ground check for bank of america - 1 Reply

Hi purple89 in Seattle. I live in Tacoma and I recently applied for the personal banker position in the area. After the screening on the phone with...


Rehiring question

Hi all:) Does anyone know what's the rehiring process at BofA? I worked there as a teller 10 years ago, if I want to go back, will I still need to go...


seeking employment with BOA

hii, am a freshly qualified CA from india and am looking for working with BOA mumbai. i have tried posting my CV on their site but that dsnt seem to...


Updated 2 months ago

Does Bank of America verify education? - 1 Reply

Yes they do verify education.

Jen mi

Updated 2 months ago

Misdemeanor convictions ?? - 12 Replies

[QUOTE who="Joeyt818 in La Quinta, California"]I got a job at a Wells Fargo bank and I have 3 minor misdemeanors on my record.[/QUOTE] Did you...

anonymous for now

Updated 2 months ago

Bank of America Call Centers - 1 Reply

ok...what do u want to know?


Updated 2 months ago

BoA pre-employment screening - 3 Replies

I didn't list a job that only lasted a couple weeks. Is it something I should be worried about?


Updated 3 months ago

Credit check - 7 Replies

Sorry for not updating, but I have been pretty busy. I received a call from the background check department the week before my start date to explain...


Updated 3 months ago

Pay Frequency For Call Centers - 3 Replies

So do they hold your first paycheck? I start at boa on May 5th... Really would be helpful to know when I will get my first paycheck.

Julie 1000

Updated 3 months ago

Bank of America interview process, screening etc - 7 Replies

Thanks Anthony It is normal it took 1 week for me as we'll ... Good luck Don't worry if you mentioned everything true and I will surely keep...


Engineer Badging Process @ BoA

Hey just had a quick question regarding the CAT (Critical Awareness Training) that I am required to do for the Bank of America location downtown, I...


Updated 3 months ago

Bank of America Assessment - 2 Replies

Ooh ok thanks...I'll try that too


Updated 3 months ago

After phone interview awaiting a second interview but there's no response. - 25 Replies

Hi, I recently received a call from Bank Of America & the HR rep said she needed my social security no. before she could schedule an interview. Is...


Credit check

I have horrible credit with credit accounts that were charged off, I got afforded a job at BoA. Would my credit disqualify me from getting the...


Updated 4 months ago

How to get a job at Bank Of America. - 166 Replies

I work at Bank of America for about a month now in the Call Center. I am struggling with banking and with the software but the managers and...


Does Bank of America do a credit check on applicants for Branch Manager?

Does Bank of America do a credit check on applicants for Branch Manager?


Bank Of America teller pre-employment assessment

Hello Please, somebody can tell me if the teller pre-employment assessment is hard to pass? If I do not pass it, what will happen with the...


Updated 4 months ago

Missed Employer's Call - 4 Replies

No, they did not call back.....


Missed Bank of America recruiters call

Hi guys. I applied for a teller position at Bank of America and today i got a call from the recruiter which I unfortunately missed. He left a...

Cuban girl.

Opportunities for foreign peoples with qualifications

Hello to everyone: I am new in this forum but I would like some advice from you. I have been here in the United States for 2 years almost 3. In my...


Updated 5 months ago

Drug testing? - 15 Replies

A couple of weeks ago, I was called for a group interview for a teller position about two weeks after I submitted my application. The interview was...


Bank of America Group Interview

Hello everyone, I just went through a group interview with Bank Of America for a teller position. We were about 18 candidates, about 5 branch...


How do I get the key code for the Bank of America Request to Initiate Authorization for Investigation?

The page is requesting a key code and the recruiter said the key code is provided to you when you are about to time out. How do I make it time out?...


BoA Investigator called for BG questions after 2nd interview..Good sign?

I had a fantastic second interview 2 days ago, but have not heard anything. Today I received a call from BoA's investigator for some fact checking on...


Updated 6 months ago

Need Advice for Fingerprint, I9 form, IRS Background Check Procedures... - 5 Replies

My boss told me to go do the i9 form on the site i apply for the job.. i look everywere i cant find it on indeed. Please help


Updated 7 months ago

if you have bad credit you can't work in the bank? - 15 Replies

I applied for a teller position. I have a business degree and have managed a business before so would like a position in management or leading. I...


Advancement in Bank of America

Hello all! I am new to this website and am very impressed with the resources that are available here. I am a teller currently working at Bank of...

loli uribe

Updated 7 months ago

Salaries and Benefits - 131 Replies

Does anyone know the salary range per band level? Can't seem to find that info anywhere

Jen mi

Run background check with First Advantage myself, similar to the one BoA does

Hello All, I'm trying to find out if anyone ran a background check themselves with First Advantage (this is the company that BoA uses to run...


Updated 8 months ago

I was terminated from my last job. and have made it to the ASI portion HELP - 14 Replies

Did this work out for you? Did you pass the check?

Jen mi

Updated 8 months ago

Bank of America background check - 5 Replies

Hi Bridgette, what was the outcome? Did you get hired?

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