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cestlavie in Hermosa Beach, California

Teller raises

How do Teller raises work at b of a? How do they determine them and how often do they issue them? I'm a teller in northern califonia.

jay in Calumet City, Illinois

Revenue auditor trainee

Have anyone recently applied for this position, if so, are you still waiting on them to call you?

KP in Richmond, Virginia

Am I not moving forward in the process?

So from reading the posts on here, it seems everyone was contacted within days, sometimes hours after applying. I applied a couple weeks ago for a...

denise in North Andover, Massachusetts

Updated 62 months ago

Got The Job - 3 Replies

I got the job at Bank of America. Any questions you have, ask away.

nofa in Anonymous Proxy

Benefits and BofA and being a new candidate....BEWARE!

If you are considering working here, DON'T! The corporation mismanages all aspects of it's teams and does not reward people for their efforts. Do...

Limey in Naperville, Illinois

Updated 63 months ago

Commuter benefits? - 1 Reply

What is this for B of A? Please explain.

Briana in San Leandro, California

Background check !!!Help

I interviewed recruiter called me I successfully completed the asi then got a call back 1 day later saying I got the job I got the confirmation of...

maddog4772 in Bronxville, New York

Updated 63 months ago

How long does it take for them to contact you after the background check? - 1 Reply

Hi all, I completed my Pre-Employment Screening Authorization on Feb 10 and received an email from BOA investigations on the 16th for my W2,...

maddog4772 in Bronxville, New York

Bank of America Hiring Process

I applied for a business banker job recently. The day after they called me and asked me a few initial questions. They then recommended me for a phone...

maddog4772 in Bronxville, New York

Updated 63 months ago

How long does ASI take? - 6 Replies

I had my interview on Monday the 11th, was emailed the link to fill out the ASI on Tuesday the 12th and they called to verify my answers on Friday...

E. in Jonesboro, Georgia

Updated 63 months ago

How long is the hiring process? - 1 Reply

Hello everyone: I just wanna know how long the hiring process takes. I took my assessment and passed, had a over the phone interview last monday...

KRHuber in New Port Richey, Florida

Updated 64 months ago

Cant Sleep PLZ Read - 9 Replies

ok so, I applied online for BOA Call Center job and passed the assesments and all required ASI information. After that I was called to come in for an...

mya904 in Jacksonville, Florida

ASI Background

Will BOA know about my past jobs that i didnt put down in the ASI report. I called my recutier and told her about them but that was only after she...

Srichards1 in Fountain Valley, California

Applied for BOA teller, got to the second stage where they sent me the Assessment... Now what?

Its been almost a week since I took the assessment and I am still waiting to hear back. I don't know how long it takes for them when it is done...


Updated 65 months ago

FBI Fingerprint Panic!!! PLEASE HELP!!!! - 2 Replies

I'm hoping someone here can give me some insight into the criminal background portion of this process. I've passed the ASI and received the Online...

NRS in Plano, Texas

Updated 65 months ago

when will I receive my first paycheck? - 2 Replies

Does Bank Of America pay you right or away or do they hold a check? I start next week :)

livefree03 in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 65 months ago

Sr Customer Service Representative ASI - 5 Replies

I've recently applied for position on 6/27/12. I submitted all required assessments and ASI on 7/2/12. Position starts on 8/6/12. The thing is that I...

Jasonnnn in Houston, Texas

Updated 65 months ago

Bank Of America Teller Interview Next Thursday In houston TX - 8 Replies

I have a group interview in a few days at Bank of America after I applied for the teller position.What question are they asking? Does anyone know...

4Hearts in Sacramento, California


Anyone have any idea what a Mortgage Serving Specialist III makes? Not sure why they refuse to discuss salaries with potential employees as I don't...

Patiently Waiting 008 in Lacey, Washington

Bank of America Background Check and Process

So, like most of you, I have a few questions about BofA's background. I have read a lot on here, and haven't exactly found the answer for the...

Visa Square in Jersey City, New Jersey

Latest H1B/Green Card Filings by US employers along with Salary trends

Guys, see link below for latest H1B/Green Card Filings by Bank of America along with Salary trends and hot Jjobs

BankOfAmericaAmazing in Barstow, California

Updated 68 months ago

Bank of America job - 17 Replies

Yaayyy! I got the job at Bank of America!!!!!

BankOfAmericaAmazing in Barstow, California

Updated 68 months ago

Bank of America bankground check - 3 Replies

Ok I applied online 2 weeks ago for call center job. I took all the tests and never heard anything back. I sent email to recruiter and nothing. So 2...

BankOfAmericaAmazing in Barstow, California

Updated 68 months ago

Fingerprinting - 2 Replies

I have been accepted for the tech intern program in Chicago. I have my I9/fingerprinting later next week... does anyone know if there is a drug test...

p130686 in Boston, Massachusetts

Pay and Benefits

Does anyone know about pay structure in Corporate jobs within Bank of America? Do executive people working from Charlotte get paid as much as people...

Jack in Urbana, Illinois

Updated 69 months ago

Drug test? - 4 Replies

So I've read just about every post I could find but can't get a straight answer. Does bank of America drug test? Yea I know they have the right to at...

valleygirl7 in Poughkeepsie, New York

Updated 69 months ago

What happens to the Fingerprints after the BOA pre-employment screening? - 3 Replies

I just went through the BOA pre-employment screening an know I'm goo because I have never been arrested. My concern is for what happens or rather...

micky in Wilmington, Delaware


To all Recruiters; I just got a call from a Recruiter name KEN from Bank of america. I tried to call back with the number he gave me, but it's...

J in Hayward, California

Updated 70 months ago

they offered me a position pending background - 1 Reply

now i feel so bad...i overstated my income, i put what was on my w2 last yr and im not even close to making the same this yr...will they find out?

itsnotsobadpeople in Arlington, Texas

Applying for Bank of America (Operations and In General)

Hi Everybody! I just wanted to post here to help those who are applying for bank of america. I may have read every discussion when I was applying...

ktran in Quincy, Massachusetts

Updated 71 months ago

What is the dress code at Bank of America? - 4 Replies

I was just hired for a teller position at the bank. I have tattoos and was already prepared to cover them while working. Is there anything else I...

GeeMedina27 in Bronx, New York

Hiring Process at BOA

I went for a group interview to work for Bank of America... It was like 10 other people there. I believe i did good, and of course they said they...

ktran in Quincy, Massachusetts

Updated 71 months ago

Anyone had tried the appeal process from a recind job offer? - 4 Replies

i got a unsatisfactory background check from boa due to a misdemeanor that i didn't disclose on the application, i thought its been expunged and...

ktran in Quincy, Massachusetts

Applying process

When applying to BOA, how many of you submitted a cover letter as well? is a cover letter necessary? for teller/personal banker positions..

Sophia in Arcadia, California

Updated 71 months ago

Pasadena Call center - 4 Replies

Does anyone work there graveyard? how is it? whats the pay start at?

Tammy in Richardson, Texas

Updated 73 months ago

Another Bank of America Background Check Question - 1 Reply

Hi I was just contacted by recruiter 1 today and was told to verify my background. I am not a criminal and I have never been arrested anything but...

Wendi Washington in Reseda, California

Hard time getting re hired with Bank of America

I worked for B O A in Simi Valley Temp. for a 3 month assignment, with the Home Retention Team, being it was a temp. position I did not add them to...

sam2262 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 73 months ago

Background Check and Notary - 2 Replies

I am in the middle of a background check now and realized that I have done a couple of notary signings for signing companies that I totally forgot to...

Steve in Seattle, Washington

Updated 74 months ago

Bank of America Role Play and Phone Interview - 55 Replies

Hi - I am currently applying for Manager/Assistant Branch Manager in New York. I have successfully completed the assessment and the necessary...

SC-BP in SC, California

Updated 74 months ago



altheatheonly in Hampton, Virginia

Updated 74 months ago



dara_perucchini@*****.*** in Vero Beach, Florida

Updated 74 months ago

BOA Hiring problems, questions and concerns - 6 Replies

I was contacted by a recruiter coordinator who asked some simple questions after applying for a BUSINESS BANKER position through BOA.COM who then...

mama2bz in Waterville, Maine

Updated 75 months ago

Background check question - 1 Reply

I am going for my one on one interview Thursday and I filled out the pre-employment screening and for the last 2 summers I worked at a convenience...

Daddy in Dallas, Texas

Updated 76 months ago

On line pre-employment screening form - 1 Reply

I filled out the on-line pre-employment screening form the other day and forgot one thing. I have been unemployed for a year. Prior to that I was...

zuni26 in Chino, California

Updated 76 months ago

I just recieved a call from Bank of America Staffing in regards to a position...but.. - 5 Replies

I missed the call. They called at about 3:30 today (Friday) and I called back roughly 35 or 45 minutes later, but only got an answering machine. I...

marie in florida in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 76 months ago

background check worry!! - 2 Replies

I was just offered an internship position to turn into a job position in 6 months with Merrill Lynch. I received the congratulatory e-mail and...

Jenny Aybar in Davenport, Florida

How I got a job offer at Bank of America (Teller)

Hello everybody, I said to myself that if I got the job at BOA I would come back to and make a whole summary of the process and my...

mchisholm1111 in Lancaster, California

Updated 77 months ago

Background check - Hiring process. Someone help! - 3 Replies

So here is my dilemma... I got hired at Bank of America, did all my forms, I9, picture Id, etc and I'm scheduled (or at least was) to start on...

mel in Pismo Beach, California

Updated 77 months ago

Vacation/study abroad - 1 Reply

What's good guys? Here is my situation: I'm going through the interview process for a 30 hr/wk teller position at the moment and I'm pretty sure I go...

Danilo Bill in Chicago, Illinois

Where can I go from being a teller with a finance degree

I recently got offered a position as a teller at a local branch. I have a finance. Does anyone know if I can start as a teller and maybe get into a...

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