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KC in The Dalles, Oregon

Updated 69 months ago

Bank of America took 1 month, I went through everything, Got the Offer then they resinded! - 9 Replies

I went through the whole process, it took over 1 month, I did the AGI, the in-person, everything went great. Had my background checked by Corporate...

foozbasha in New Haven, Connecticut

Updated 69 months ago

BOA teller assessment test???? - 2 Replies

So I just took that BOA teller assessment test and at the end it said " Thank you for completing the assessment. You 'll be notified by BOA regarding...

MH in Portland, Oregon

Updated 69 months ago

is a bank employee able to access a persons account without them? - 1 Reply

do they have verifications or security checks ? or are they just able to pull it up.

LeeryInArizona in Mesa, Arizona

Bank of America Chandler area help/advice needed

Ok so I got an offer through a temp service to work for BofA at one of their corporate locations (not a bank as a teller) and now I am second...

Lee in Placerville, California

Updated 70 months ago

My Bank not included on Job Search and having no experience in a recession - 2 Replies

I live in citrus heights (in sacramento county, ca). We have 2 banking centers in the city, but the city isn't on the job search. I asked my closest...

chelly in Pittsburg, California

Updated 70 months ago

help! - 1 Reply

I have had my phone interview with bofa also my face to face interview with a bank manger after that I recived an email from my recruiter saying that...

kevm28 in Hollister, California

Updated 71 months ago

Screening Interview - 18 Replies

Okay i've been called by the Employee Coordinator, she told me to come in on Monday for a screening. Has anybody in here gone through the screening...

armari in Stockbridge, Georgia

Updated 71 months ago

Bank of America Application - 18 Replies

Hi. I have just recently graduated from UNCC and have applied to tons of Bank of America jobs. I can not seem to get a response for any of them. ...

2ndbeach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Education Info on ASI

When I completed my ASI I put down the HS I graduated from (over 20 yrs ago)but did not put down any college info. I went to college for a little...

nbrown in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 72 months ago

concerned about fingerprinting - 2 Replies

I got an offer from a BOA recruiter and I'm suppose to start in 2 weeks. the next step is fingerprinting and the I9. Two years ago I was arrested for...

nbrown in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 72 months ago

background check - 1 Reply

so about 2 weeks ago i was caught shoplifting at walmart like 34dollars worth. was not my intention to go just for that; was a seriously stupid...

Masood in Oakland, California

Updated 72 months ago

How do I get a job - 25 Replies

How do I get a job through Bank of America?

brandon1988 in Seattle, Washington

Updated 72 months ago

Bank of America ASI background check? - 1 Reply

Hello, I did the phone interview and a face to face group interview with the Market Executive Managers. They really liked me! I called my recruiter...

Jimbo in Los Angeles, California


Hi, I was recently offered a position at Merrill and was told I would be receiving a computer on my first day. Does anyone know whether they use...

ex_wachovia in New Jersey

Updated 73 months ago

Bank of America Hiring Process - 2 Replies

Hello all. I had a quick question to see if anybody out there could be of any assistance. I have gone through the beginning stages of the hiring...

CT76 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 73 months ago

Credit Check and Foreclosures - 2 Replies

I hope someone can help with some questions i have about B of A employment .. I am currently going through the interview process .. and wanted to...

Confused in Dallas, Texas

Updated 73 months ago

Why don't they contact you? - 8 Replies

I've submitted my resume to a few different positions in Illinois. I am more than qualified, I meet all of the pre-requisites, but no one will call...

Confused in Dallas, Texas

ASI Screening

On Monday, I was told that my ASI Report came back unsatisfactory and I could no longer work for BofA. I was really confused because I know I have...

brad92r in orlando, Florida

Updated 73 months ago

BofA background / after one on one interview - 2 Replies

I already did the phone interview and the one on one. The recruiter told me she would let me know Monday (yesterday) or Tuesday (today) at the...

brad92r in orlando, Florida

Updated 73 months ago

Dress Code (Male & Female) - 2 Replies

Anybody care to share about the dress code for male AND female employees? I have not seen it anywhere, so please share what you know. Also, I wanted...

ME_N_BOA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 73 months ago

BofA - ASI - 2 Replies

Does anyone know if Bank of America pulls your full college transcript for their ASI or just confirms your degree from your listed institution?

ME_N_BOA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 73 months ago

ASI - Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Recent College Hire - 1 Reply

Hey all, Recently I accepted an offer to work for Bank of America. I am really excited about this. I wanted to know the difference between the...

ME_N_BOA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 73 months ago

Applying for a job at Bank of America...I think I made a mistake on the Corporate Security Portal? - 1 Reply

I was contacted by a Portal Investigator today who in turn sent me a link. He is to contact me tomorrow morning to determine my eligibility. The...

roman718 in Brooklyn, New York

Bank of america assessment test link bad

Received an email from bank of america to take assessment test but the link sends me to a page that says "Service Unavailable" Tech support is...

LilGiselle21 in Germantown, Maryland

Bank Of America...whats next

I applied about 1 week ago Had me phone interview monday. Group interview tuesday (my ASI was filled out and submitted,too). Interview with Branch...

brad92r in orlando, Florida

Updated 75 months ago

BofA using Chexsystems - 1 Reply

I have an account with a different bank that is still open. I recently had a few overdraft fees. But, the bank did not close my account or freeze it....

Chriso010 in Chicopee, Massachusetts

Please help! Bank of America background investigation....

Hi, I have just accepted an offer and am going through the infamous background process. I have a couple questions. A few years ago, I had an enabling...

John Koptyra in Redlands, California

Updated 76 months ago

Contractor trying to be Permanent - 1 Reply

I have been working for BofA as a contractor for almost a year and now they have offered me a permanent position. I was self employed before working...

Mikeyy in Chicago, Illinois

Need a response

I have currently applied and interviewed for the operations analysis postion over at Bank of America. I was told in the interview that I should be...

mswright in oakland, California

Updated 76 months ago


Okay for one I know my credit score is in the low 500 but I have heard of lot of you say that they may not run credit. My major concern is, I have...

ebbygirl in arlington, Texas

What Should I Do?

I interviewed for a loan servicing postion and they sent me the email for the back ground check I have a felony arest but it was dimissed and a...

Sura in Alpharetta, Georgia

Updated 77 months ago

How long does it take to get hired after interview and background check complete? - 8 Replies

Anyone know how long it takes to get an offer after completing the interview and background process? Does BOA call and let you know you were not...

KAYMP in New York, New York

HR Confidentiality Question

I just started a job with BofA in December in a totally different career/line of business than the one I worked in for 18 years. I love my position...

WatchMe in Opa Locka, Florida

Updated 77 months ago

10-Key Assessment? - 9 Replies

I recently applied for a Teller position. I took the assessment filled out the online app and everything. One location emailed me back saying I had...

Ilovepink in San Diego, California

Updated 78 months ago

BOA Employment Verification - 9 Replies

I have got a confirmation letter for the offer, the only thing pending is background check. I didn't put my last job on resume when I applied, now in...

Ripanrocks in Calcutta, India

Jobs for a Retiring Manager with 30+ years experience ?

Well, my dad has been working in Vijaya bank(India) for more than 30 years & currently holds the position of being the Senior Bank Manager. He's...

nicchik128 in Albany, Georgia

What is the ASI?

Hello, I applied for the teller position and after a few days, I received an e-mail with a link to the online assessment test. My questions are as...

Gina Catalino in Johnston, Rhode Island

Updated 78 months ago

Hiring process - 2 Replies

I was reading through the forums and most of you had the interviews before the ASI. I was sent that prior to the phone interview. Did they change...

Cass D in Palmdale, California

Updated 78 months ago

Strange? - 2 Replies

So in November I applied was interviewed and went through the background check, and got denied because as the recruiter put it I "didn't have enough...

Chris in Fresno, California

Updated 78 months ago

Bank of america customer service rep pay and average bonus - 3 Replies

I just got a job offer to work as a customer service rep for BofA in Fresno, Ca. The pay is about 25K a year. I was curious if there are bonuses on...

nkindred7459 in chicago, Illinois

Updated 78 months ago

Am i in trouble here? - 1 Reply

So i have an offer waiting for me, but my Employment did not come back "Satisfactory" Now they asked me for the history from the past 5 years on the...

chris pinkney in Nevada

Updated 78 months ago

ASI Employment verification, W-2 and paystub? - 1 Reply

I'm in the interview process with bank of america for a banker position and was wondering why the asi investigator asks for past w-2 forms and...

C1nnam0n in Orlando, Florida

Bank of America Customer Service Rep (Call Center) Final Interview

Hey I've gotten through the entire bank of America hiring process and i'm now on to my final interview. If anyone has gone through the customer...

compace in Hoboken, New Jersey

Working for Bank of America in IT

I'm just wondering what is it like working for Bank of America...especially on the Merrill Side.

Trish in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Updated 79 months ago

Background check requirements - 10 Replies

I have an offer for a relatively high level position with BoA. I know that we have to pass a background check, and I know there is one misdemeanor...

Boredryu in Texas

Updated 80 months ago

Does the recruiter speak to the interviewer? - 2 Replies

Does the recruiter who schedules your interview ever speak with the person conducting the interview? The reason I ask is because, without a job...

Boredryu in Texas

Updated 80 months ago

What is the training process like at Bank of America? - 1 Reply

I hear its a 6 week process, but does anyone know what it covers? What is the first day like?

BOAemployment in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 80 months ago

I missed the group interview. Does that mean I lost the job? - 1 Reply

I wrote down 2:30 based on my conversation with the recruiter. The email said 2:00, but scanned over it because I relied on the recruiter's info. ...

brismith in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 80 months ago

background check - 1 Reply

On the form, do you have the chance to disclose details on convictions? Or is it just a form you sign to give them authorization to run a background...

kmaley89 in little elm, Texas


Can BOA find out any jobs I DIDN'T list?

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