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KAYMP in New York, New York

HR Confidentiality Question

I just started a job with BofA in December in a totally different career/line of business than the one I worked in for 18 years. I love my position...

WatchMe in Opa Locka, Florida

Updated 90 months ago

10-Key Assessment? - 9 Replies

I recently applied for a Teller position. I took the assessment filled out the online app and everything. One location emailed me back saying I had...

Ilovepink in San Diego, California

Updated 91 months ago

BOA Employment Verification - 9 Replies

I have got a confirmation letter for the offer, the only thing pending is background check. I didn't put my last job on resume when I applied, now in...

Ripanrocks in Calcutta, India

Jobs for a Retiring Manager with 30+ years experience ?

Well, my dad has been working in Vijaya bank(India) for more than 30 years & currently holds the position of being the Senior Bank Manager. He's...

nicchik128 in Albany, Georgia

What is the ASI?

Hello, I applied for the teller position and after a few days, I received an e-mail with a link to the online assessment test. My questions are as...

Gina Catalino in Johnston, Rhode Island

Updated 91 months ago

Hiring process - 2 Replies

I was reading through the forums and most of you had the interviews before the ASI. I was sent that prior to the phone interview. Did they change...

Cass D in Palmdale, California

Updated 91 months ago

Strange? - 2 Replies

So in November I applied was interviewed and went through the background check, and got denied because as the recruiter put it I "didn't have enough...

Chris in Fresno, California

Updated 91 months ago

Bank of america customer service rep pay and average bonus - 3 Replies

I just got a job offer to work as a customer service rep for BofA in Fresno, Ca. The pay is about 25K a year. I was curious if there are bonuses on...

nkindred7459 in chicago, Illinois

Updated 91 months ago

Am i in trouble here? - 1 Reply

So i have an offer waiting for me, but my Employment did not come back "Satisfactory" Now they asked me for the history from the past 5 years on the...

chris pinkney in Nevada

Updated 91 months ago

ASI Employment verification, W-2 and paystub? - 1 Reply

I'm in the interview process with bank of america for a banker position and was wondering why the asi investigator asks for past w-2 forms and...

C1nnam0n in Orlando, Florida

Bank of America Customer Service Rep (Call Center) Final Interview

Hey I've gotten through the entire bank of America hiring process and i'm now on to my final interview. If anyone has gone through the customer...

compace in Hoboken, New Jersey

Working for Bank of America in IT

I'm just wondering what is it like working for Bank of America...especially on the Merrill Side.

Trish in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Updated 92 months ago

Background check requirements - 10 Replies

I have an offer for a relatively high level position with BoA. I know that we have to pass a background check, and I know there is one misdemeanor...

Boredryu in Texas

Updated 93 months ago

Does the recruiter speak to the interviewer? - 2 Replies

Does the recruiter who schedules your interview ever speak with the person conducting the interview? The reason I ask is because, without a job...

Boredryu in Texas

Updated 93 months ago

What is the training process like at Bank of America? - 1 Reply

I hear its a 6 week process, but does anyone know what it covers? What is the first day like?

BOAemployment in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 93 months ago

I missed the group interview. Does that mean I lost the job? - 1 Reply

I wrote down 2:30 based on my conversation with the recruiter. The email said 2:00, but scanned over it because I relied on the recruiter's info. ...

brismith in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 93 months ago

background check - 1 Reply

On the form, do you have the chance to disclose details on convictions? Or is it just a form you sign to give them authorization to run a background...

kmaley89 in little elm, Texas


Can BOA find out any jobs I DIDN'T list?

kmaley89 in little elm, Texas

Updated 93 months ago

Applied for teller position, haven't heard anything, anything else I can do to get this job! - 1 Reply

I applied for a few teller positions in the area and all I have gotten are automated e-mail confirmations. I have tons of customer service and cash...

Vasquez in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 94 months ago

Hiring Process - 11 Replies

Today I had my interview one on one with the branch manager. She said the next step is a third interview. Is this going to be the group interview...

Vasquez in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 94 months ago

Question about I-9 and Fingerprint test - 1 Reply

Hi I just recently got into BoA and I have my rest of the I-9 set for tomorrow as well as the fingerprint test. For the I-9 do I have to go formally...

Vasquez in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 94 months ago

Job offer - 6 Replies

Ok, I have recieved my job offer and the employment verification came back 100% accurate, did my I9 and getting my fingerprints doen tomorrow. Am I...

Vasquez in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 94 months ago

Your not going to believe this one... - 1 Reply

Well listen to this one...I was offered employment with BOA as a mortgage processor and was told my training would begin on the 14th of Sept...I...

Vasquez in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 94 months ago

bank of america's in st louis missouir i-9 and fingerprinting - 2 Replies

hi i applied for bank of America operations representative and i got the interview and the recruiter called the next morning and made me an offer and...

Vasquez in Phoenix, Arizona

do the Employment verification verify salary?

Do you know if they ask salary or is it automatically disclosed, ANyone know what they can and can not verify??

Regnum Defende in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 95 months ago

BofA hiring staff not calling back. - 3 Replies

Received a voice message about an administrative position on saturday. She left a voice message and asked me to call her back. I called back on the...

Fred Ng in Central District, Hong Kong

Whether I shall persue a PHD or not? (for ibank)

Whether I shall persue a PHD or not? I am now a Msc-in-economics student in a world top-50 U. I have planned to find a job in Investment Bank in...

Renee NEw in Reno, Nevada

Updated 95 months ago

10-Key assessment, did not receive a link, how to take? - 1 Reply

I applied for an overnight data entry shift here in Dallas and a few days ago received an e-mail stating that there was a 10-key assessment sent by...

Renee NEw in Reno, Nevada

Updated 95 months ago

Passed 1st assessment......what are my chances? - 1 Reply

I applied last week for a BOA position and did the 1st assessment (personality). I received a message yesterday from a recruiter stating I had...

C Ann in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 95 months ago

Background Check - 7 Replies

Hi, I recently applied to Bank of America and I received a call from the recruiter saying I was hired pending the ASI form. I completed it and after...

Anne Sandoval in Orange County, California

Updated 96 months ago

Where in the process do they drug test you? - 1 Reply

I was wondering at what stage in the process do they ask you to complete a drug screening? I have finished the background check and the...

AntLeakes in Atlanta, Georgia

Operations Representative- NCR iTran Operator

I applied for this position of Friday, and took the assessment today, hopefully I did well. I wanted to know if anyone on here was employed...

Kayla Dimes in Sacramento, California

2nd interview.. now what?

I had my 2nd interview on Thursday, and they pretty much told me I had the job. My interviewer told me I would hear back in 72 hours (and I would...

RInative in Pompano Beach, Florida

BOA recruiter hours....anyone know if they work evenings/week-ends?

Does anyone know what the recruiter hours are and if they work week-ends? Trying to get in touch with my recruiter and wondering if I should try at ...


Updated 99 months ago

Needing additional info on Bank of America background checks.... - 17 Replies

I recently applied for BoA. Approximately 2 days after filling out my application online, I was contacted by the HR Recruiter. I did my innitial...

lmc7963 in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Updated 100 months ago

Bank Of America News and Happenings. - 35 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

MJH007 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 101 months ago

Experience working in BOFA's Call Center as a Loan Officer (Charlotte NC) - 4 Replies

I have an interview next week and was looking for any pros or cons working in a Call Center. I have been a Sr. Loan Officer for 8 years and I was...

david in OC in Cypress, California

Updated 101 months ago

how long is the teller hiring process will take? - 21 Replies

I recently applied for teller position. After one phone interview, teller assessment, and group interview, i had the interview with the branch...

abisshak in Michigan

Wating for a Interview

So i had my group interview around august of last year, I was luckly chosen to move forward in the interview process, however I never have. I go...

Regnum Defende in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 103 months ago

Bank of America Hosted Conference Call Against American People - 1 Reply

Have a listen to what B of A supports. It's an America Hating and Fascist Company. Nationalize banks now to save America. http://www.huffingtonpos...

Queenb144 in Decatur, Georgia

Updated 103 months ago

background - 4 Replies

i apply to BOA i pass all the interv, mi training strt on 5 days but 3 days early they call me and tell me i have a problem whith my background, i...

Roger949 in Mission Viejo, California

Experience working in BOFA's Call Center as a Telephone Sales Associate...

I was wondering if anyone here has worked as a Telephone Sales Associate for BOFA? How was it? What was your salary? Any tips? Thanks

Roger949 in Mission Viejo, California

How thorough is the background check?

Thanks for looking. I just spoke with a recruiter from bofa and I am scheduled to take an assessment for the telephone sales associate working out of...

Play4keepz in New York, New York

Cash Rep Services

Does anyone have any experience with this position? What is the job like?

joyxyz in Bombay, India

H1b based hiring opportunity i got from my friend so it may help all other too seeking for job!

I have content got from my fourm friend. pl go through and register. Hope it will help you. Hi There, Greetings from ...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 105 months ago

do i tell my manger at bank of america aobut my learing disablities ? - 2 Replies

hi i work for bank of america and i have learning disabilities that may hinder my performance at my job. i have been fired from food services places...

hazelhoney in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 105 months ago

Former Bank of Employee Needs Help Obtaining Info! - 1 Reply

How can I get someone to give me documentation that I used to have employee health insurance and life insurance benefits as a Bank of America...

hazelhoney in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 105 months ago

I just had an interviewed with bank of america ...... - 20 Replies

I was told that I will get a call within 72 hours. Does that mean I need to go and look and don't even waste my time? Please people give me some...

erizy77 in Syracuse, New York

Updated 105 months ago

I need a Bank of American recruiter in NYC - 1 Reply

Hi, I recently applied for a Bank of America job in NY and I was called by a recruiter a couple days later but I didn't receive the call and was left...

siveuh in Lake Mary, Florida

what to wear for the interview.

Hi everybody, I have an interview at the bank of america in a few days & i'm nervous about what to wear. I have been told it's a professional dress...

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