Applying for Bank of America (Operations and In General)

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itsnotsobadpeople in Arlington, Texas

71 months ago

Hi Everybody!

I just wanted to post here to help those who are applying for bank of america. I may have read every discussion when I was applying and alot of these discussions had me really nervous. I am here to tell you it is not as bad as some people have led on.

1st off, this process DOES take forever! If your are in the waiting stages of your application (between sending in your application and hearing back, after your interview and before moving to a background check, and between the background check and getting an offer)then be prepared for a long wait. (usually a week for each stage of the process). I applied a little before valentine's day and I just got hired today March 12. So the whole process takes about a month maybe a little less.

2nd, the background check is the most nerve wrecking part though AGAIN it is not that bad. When you fill it out, put the information that you know about AND MAKE SURE that what you don't know you ask your previous employers and etc. If they tell you what you need to know then they will tell the background check people the same thing. Soooooo no worries! As far as criminal charges and whatnot, I had none but from reading the other discussions it seems that it 1)depends on the position you are going for and 2) it depends how long ago it was. If it was something small like traffic related violations or something that was expunged a while back then I think your are fine. Though if it is something money related and you are going for a position that handles money...Good Luck is all I can say

Lastly, from what I have seen most of the people posting on these discussion boards are expressing their bad experiences. I think that goes with every discussion boards for the most part. I just wanted to share my good experience and if anyone has a question I will try to answer it to the best of my experience.

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