Does the recruiter speak to the interviewer?

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boaemployment in Hollywood, Florida

83 months ago

Does the recruiter who schedules your interview ever speak with the person conducting the interview?

The reason I ask is because, without a job at the moment, my life if someone hectic. I was unable to attend one interview and had to reschedule another. I don't want these circumstances to reflect on me when I do the interview. I am so thankful for the opportunity to reschedule a second interview. I am very determined so I would rather go into the interview with a fresh impression. So the question remains, does the recruiter ever speak with or make notes to the interviewer?

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brismith in Kansas City, Missouri

83 months ago

Yes, they most likely do communicate. It's a tricky situation, but I would try to bring it up with the interviewer and explain why you had to reschedule without placing blame on the recruiter who told you the wrong time.

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Boredryu in Texas

83 months ago

Managers know your life is busy, as long as you gave the recruiter notice of the re-schedule you should be fine.

Also, the recruiters generally don't have much dialogue with the hiring managers, they just provide a "pool" of candidates that passed the phone interview.

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