Eligibility For Rehire Conspiracy?

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Upset in Santa Barbara, California

57 months ago

I was working in the West Hills, CA office. I worked for a group that was very immature and there was much profanity. I was an outsider to the group and obviously did not fit it. There were many incidents of individuals using the f-bomb word. I was let go in under 6 months. I understood that I was not eligible for re-hire and tried to send letters to Advice and Counsel. However, I believe the same team of Advice and Counsel also advised the person who fired me. In ending, I actually believed I did not fit into the group as I wasn't an obnoxious individual. Alas, it is what the boss thinks. Does anyone have any insight as to best try to reverse a non-rehire decision? I actually think the person handling my case in Advice and Counsel also advised the Manager who fired me. Does anyone have any insights into how the BofA Advice and Counsel works?

limacompany3033 in Phoenix, Arizona

28 months ago

Unbelievable in Lewisville, Texas said: Well I decided to comment on this topic because just last week I was advised that I was ineligible for rehire with BOA. It's funny because I've never worked for BOA. In 1996, yes I said 1996, I worked for Nations Bank and in 1997, BOA bought Nations Bank. I was 19 and was hired as a teller. Recently I applied for two positions within BOA and the recruiters called me within days of submitting my application. Two hours before I was to leave for my interview, one of the recruiters called and informed me that I was ineligible because I had worked for Nations Bank in 1996 and in my employee records, I had received a poor performance review. I truly don't remeber this, but it was 1996. I wasnt fired or forced to resign. I thought this was so far fetched because 1) I was 19 in '96. 2) I have successfully obtained 3 degrees. My Bachelor, masters and juris doctorate.. I spoke with advice and counsel and confirmed this information. I have since requested my employee file from BOA. I would really like to see the poor performance review that I signed. And even if I did, is there not any deference extended to situation like mine. I just thought this was unbelievable. I'm really hoping Incan prove that there's some sort of mistake. It's the principle for me now...

I am in the same boat as you. I was a teller back in 97, I left bank of America because I joined the military. Since then I received my bachelors in finance and hold several investment licenses. I got hire last month with Merrill Lynch and a week before my start date, they rescind the offer because for the same reason. My hiring manager and recruiter are working hard and supporting my but I have to submit an eligibility for rehire request and then they will review it. How did yours go?

Metoo1973 in Saint Louis, Missouri

25 months ago

hey i worled for BOFA Back in 2003 great company .but some people play god when given the opportunity to make more money . i thought i resigned back in 2006 after receiving multiple awards and certs for being a team lead . An outsider was hired as the superviser to my dept .at that time i started looking for employment as i applied for the possition and was turned down again they hired some one from out side whos wife worked at bofa . i found an opportunity in sales out of bofa and gave my 2 weeks in writting at that point in time i had 198 pto remaining and i asked if i can use 2 days out of my pto to move out of the city i was living in to start my job the following monday he said yes .that was friday and monday . as i persued my carrier in sales i met a vp at BOA that liked my work and customer service skills and offered me a job in sales at bofa i said yes with out thinking bout it they are a great company and take care of there workers . but once i applied i was not elligible for rehire .I had the vp drive down to my old city just to speak to him and he said no .that was 524 miles away round trip total .he knew where she came from and he even agreed to her driving down only to tell her no when she got there .he could of told her that on the phone . i recently found out he was fired and was woundering if this could be over turned . i mean the only bad thing i have to say about bank of america is that rehire rule that should be looked at in other ways other then the way it was placed cause my issue was more personal with me dont know why but it is what it is . and im not glad he was fired but he had it comeing .i need assistance i have been trying to get hired with bofa since 2006 . there has to be a way .

Jennifer in Texas

16 months ago

limacompany3033 in Phoenix, Arizona said: I am in the same boat as you. I was a teller back in 97, I left bank of America because I joined the military. Since then I received my bachelors in finance and hold several investment licenses. I got hire last month with Merrill Lynch and a week before my start date, they rescind the offer because for the same reason. My hiring manager and recruiter are working hard and supporting my but I have to submit an eligibility for rehire request and then they will review it. How did yours go?

Did you get hired?

CRs in Dallas, Texas

11 months ago

The same exact experience happened to me,after I gave my two weeks notice. Myself and others in the Richardson,TX location gave notice and not egibale for rehire even on cotract jobs that are available. I 2008 my job was short sales and my portfolio was more than six months behind time line and realitors was complaining when i started so intead of getting fired for z already damaged goods i turned in my notice. Now BAC monopolize the whole work foce on contact jobs I started can't work on their loans since 2008.

Before I resigned from BAC - I specifically asked my supervisor if she
was going to make me eligible for re-hire, she no problem because I give a notification.

On a side-note I had resigned because I could not get a transfer into the department I
It just goes to show many things don't make sense in the corporate world.

EndlessJoy in Atlanta, Georgia

11 months ago

Employers may not be able to get more than salary, dates of hire, from previous employers. But all they have to do is ask that rehire eligibility question, and you could be toast.

Frustrated in Phoenix, Arizona

5 months ago

Similar happened to me. I had a steller 13 year career with the Bank (starting off as Barnett, then Nations, then BofA) and won several awards as others on this board did. I moved teams in 2009 and that was my fatal mistake.

Our manager would openly berate people (her team) in conference calls. She even took credit for work, produced by other teams, that was not ours! She was constantly traveling to "be seen" as, after 25 years with the Bank she was still a VP!!! (I worked my way up from a non-officer temp secretary to a VP in six years)

Finally, by hook or crook, she was promoted to SVP. She never even told her team...someone found out by looking her up in the corp directory.

I put up with her until....she was so venomous to my direct report (a very capable 50+ year old woman) that she made her cry. I reported my manager's behavior to Advice & Council and...surprise...I was written up by my manager a week later. The Write Up had NO END DATE. One of the bullets was "Takes too much initiative".

I had never in my life been written up and I responded within 24 hours to show how I had already fulfilled (before I was even written up!) all of the "To-Dos". I had a stack of emails and other evidence against her. Her manager told me "If you feel like you have to craft this much of a response, you are clearly guilty". It was ludicrous! Advice & Council would speak to me, but only to say "You need to work it out with your manager. It's at her discretion." This went on for 11 MONTHS!!!

Someone wised up. She was demoted and moved under an executive friend in a non-traveling, individual contributor position to hide out until retirement later that year. I resigned a few months later and was told that I was not eligible for rehire because I resigned while on Written Warning.

An employment attorney said what she did was not illegal. It was immoral, but not illegal...and they see it all the time.

Jen mi in Westchester, New York

5 months ago

So sorry to hear your story, Frustrated. I've had nasty managers like that. In fact had a boss for a few years who never gave me credit in front of others, always felt threatened whenever he heard someone say good things about me and was even rude in the manner he spoke to me. I changed groups too to escape this, now I have a boss who is kind otherwise, but alas, he is also someone who wouldn't let me grow. I've got awards from other teams I worked with but my boss does not feel the need promote me, because he fears I may get my own team which will limit his growth. I can't believe how selfish people can be professionally, who otherwise seems so nice personally. I see friends/ co-workers who contribute much less and have grown hierarchically, it all depends on who you get as your boss.
I feel like you should not have quit your job, since your ex-boss was demoted and moved anyway. But true, many of us won't know about the repurcussions of quiting under warning. Thank you for coming and posting this. Good luck to you in your career!

Iminthesameboat in Charlotte, North Carolina

3 months ago

So sorry to hear these stories but I'm in the same boat I worked for B of A @ the Gateway Center, Charlotte NC in phone banking in 1999 for less than a year. Unfortunately my mother became ill in another state and I had to relocate back to my hometown. I provided a notice had an excellent exit interview was advised during my exit interview that I would be welcomed back to B of A if I returned back to NC. In 2007 after I decided I wanted to return I had since then became a mortgage processor and noticed B of A had positions in processing available I applied and was offered the job but was unable to accept the position due to a call from HR advising me I was ineligible for rehire I was shocked especially when I was advised the reason for ineligibility was breaking code of ethics I asked how could this be? code of ethics? I relocated to another state?? After being told by the Advice and Counsel Rep that had been working with me that I would need proof that this was an error I could submit a letter from my manager @ the time of my employment with B of A now mind you this was in 1999 however after years and years of searching for my old manager I was able to locate my manager on social media I explained what I had been going thru with my ineligibility status he remembered mea and was readily to assist he sent me a letter of recommendation which he had notarized and I immediately faxed it to Advice and Counsel only to get a letter in the mail stating my ineligibility wasn't over turned due to B of A couldn't accept my manager's letter due to he was no longer employed with B of A! I was overwhelmed with this situation and has since given up all hopes of ever being able to return and my record blemished with the false ineligibility status. I wish we all could come together with a class act or something I thought I was the only one I was amazed at how many of us are in the same boat with B of A. Let's pull together and try and do something!

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