Need phone number/contact info for BOA Human Resources Dept.

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BB613 in Newark, Delaware

77 months ago

My spouse works for BOA and has an employee issue that needs to be resolved but has been unable to find any contact for a human resources department, or employee relations department of any kind, listed at work. I have spent the morning searching the internet for such a department, and though I have found many links to job postings for BOA Human Resources positions, and articles about Human Resources at BOA, I have yet to find any way for an employee to contact that department with a concern. Does anyone here know how an employee can contact the BOA human Resources department? Thanks.

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AnonymousHog in Toronto

77 months ago

it's the same number she calls for his/her 401k/pension/insurance. she can get this from his/her manager.

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Wendi Washington in Reseda, California

31 months ago

Please I need dates Worked for B of A?

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29 months ago

I applied for the Exec. Admin. Asst. in the Waltham MA office. I would like to send a follow up letter to the HR Director. Every phone number I call, no one seems to know who the HR Director is and what his/her e-mail address is. It was recommended to me to send a follow up letter; so I would like to do so; so BOA does not think I am no longer interested in this job opportunity. If you could send this e-mail address and the HR Director's name to the above e-mail address, I would very much appreciate your assistance.
Many thanks,
Sue Buckley

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BB613 in Newark, Delaware

29 months ago


Good luck, but in the nearly four years since I posted here originally, we have yet to find any information for contacting BoA HR. Contrary to the second poster's comments, my wife worked in the insurance department at one time and no HR there, and the 401K people aren't HR, and my wife's manager, as well as his superior, were unable to provide HR info. BoA seems to go out of their way to hide this department from their employees. With all the various BoA job sites here in Delaware, none of them have an HR department on site and no one knows how to contact one.

Interestingly though, last week a woman from HR was here sitting in on meetings, and where she was from was kept quiet. Apparently she was from corporate headquarters in North Carolina. I would suggest you try contacting the presidents office at corporate headquarters and see what they say. Again, good luck.

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