Opportunities for foreign peoples with qualifications

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Cuban girl. in Newport News, Virginia

15 months ago

Hello to everyone:
I am new in this forum but I would like some advice from you. I have been here in the United States for 2 years almost 3. In my country I worked in a bank for 3 years as banking specialist doing Statistic. I have math skills, customer service skill, cash handling skills and computer skills, now here I am studying English in a college( my first language is Spanish) I can write and read very well but I have to work very hard in my speaking and listening. I like very much to work in a bank because I know how works the bank (in my country, I would like to learn how is it here) and I think is a good place to start a career. I pretend to apply in Bank of America like a teller (to improve my speaking, listening and other skills ) but really I do not know if it is a good idea, I am very scary because sometimes I do not understand wery well the english speaker when they speak so fast. Can you recommend some jobs in a bank that I can do, please? O tell me advices. I will be very grateful

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