Please Help! What are my chances of getting hired?

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kobeawday in Reseda, California

45 months ago

I've been a contractor for 16 months and just got offered a position. I got a misdemeanor back in 02 for displaying a fake id ( wanted to go party ), and was then expunged. Then i have 3 misdemeanors for driving with sus lic. Never a dui, just negligence. I passed the addecco background so what are the chances of me passing the bank of america background based on that? Does anyone know?

Jen mi in Westchester, New York

10 months ago

Were you able to convert to full time without any issues?

davidnguyen1991 in San Mateo, California

10 months ago

Hi Kobe,

I recently got a job. During my resume and job application preparation, I was looking at I posted questions there and within a day, I got my answer. And good answer too. I was also able to find information about other related topics. Check it out.

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