Should I discuss criminal background in an attached formal letter with when I submit my application?

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mrjobseeker in Phoenix, Arizona

69 months ago

I was charged with DUI, yet was ultimately convicted of reckless driving about 5 years ago which is a criminal offense in my state.

The BofA online application asks if I have ever been convicted of anything outside of a minor traffic violation, I know I need to say "Yes" because of the reckless driving, but nowhere on the application do they ask me to explain myself when I select "Yes".

My question is, should I attach a formal letter explaining the reckless driving conviction. I am afraid if I do not, that they might not consider me just because I checked "Yes" without knowing what the actual convicition was.

Also, the job does involve me driving some, but I would not be driving a company vehicle, it would be my personal vehicle. I would think that it would not be an issue beacuse it's my own car.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just want to land the interview as it is a great job that I am very well qualified for and would love the oppertunity to win them over if they will just give me an interview. Thanks much.

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TE in Cottonwood, Arizona

69 months ago

I am going to offer a suggestion - and it's only a suggestion; call and talk to the appropriate person at the bank (if you have a number) and tell them that you are going to answer yes to the question, but need direction on whether or not to explain on a separate sheet of paper. You don't need to give your name; you are just another applicant. You probably don't need to go into the alcohol part unless you feel uncomfortable not doing that. Some things you can later do in person. I hope this helps. And, good luck.

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mrjobseeker in Phoenix, Arizona

69 months ago

Thanks guys for the input. I know I need to be honest. I'll just go ahead and submit it and hope they judge me based on my qualifications.

Do you guys think that if that do not allow for any explanations, that maybe they just don't consider the applicant once the reviewer sees that box checked "yes" or maybe some computer generated system (which I'm guessing BofA has set up) just automatically rejects the application if the of is checked "yes"?

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PhillipFry in Seattle, Washington

67 months ago

Does it really surprise anyone that someone with a criminal record could be disqualified from a sensitive position as working at a bank? IMO, it probably will put you down lower on the list of candidates but it doesn't mean the end of the world as far as applying for the position. Just give them the minimum amount of information up front and explain the situation if it ever comes up.

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