Your not going to believe this one...

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kaybea in Willingboro, New Jersey

83 months ago

Well listen to this one...I was offered employment with BOA as a mortgage processor and was told my training would begin on the 14th of Sept...I drove out to Wilmington De on 9/8 to complete all the background check papers and at the time asked the recruiter if they were still looking to start the training on the 14th because it definitely did not give me or anyone else much notice to give notice to our employers, and she was adamit about them definitely wanting to start on the 14th...I then asked her if the backgrounds will be back in such a short period of time and she said that it did not matter because they can start me on this assignment pending the background check, which I felt uncomfortable with because I've been hearing the nightmares about people leaving their old jobs and then BOA lets them go for the background checks coming in I was always leary of that...but anyway I left the office and the very next morning my recruiter calls me and says that they pushed the class out to the 21st and she said which was good because it gave me more time to give notice, but I had decided that I was not going to give notice until I definitely knew there weren't going to be any issues....I heard nothing from the recruiter...I emailed and emailed and emailed up until yesterday as the 21st was quickly approaching and I still had not heard anything from this recruiter....So I gave my notice and figured it's now thursday and I have to assume no news is good I resigned...well low and behold, my recruiter raises from the dead and emails me...NOT CALL ME...emails me to call her I did only to hear her tell me they have canceled the training class INDEFINITELY and she apologizes but she did not get the email until 9:40pm last night...what human resource dept emails you at 9:40pm to cancel a training class that is supposed to begin in a few short this normal for BOA or is this the nice way of saying we rescind due to a bad background check?

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vasquez in Phoenix, Arizona

82 months ago

Thats horrible. What was wrong with your backround? Anything worth fighting for?

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