I wouldnt recommend working at BofA

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31 months ago

Let me first start off by saying I was soooo excited to be hired by BofA but now I truly regret ever accepting the job! You go through a month of training were you just sit on a computer from 8-5 with only a half hr lunch, they tell you to take all the time you need to learn and understand but then give you a deadline as to when you should be finished. For myself learning on a computer is not adequate training, when you finally come out to the teller line the expect you to remember everything you just spent mind numbling clickig away at and it is not the same when translated in person! For my branch the TOS is a complete b**** instead of teaching and training you she waits for you to make a mistake and badgers you about that mistake forever! In the morning you have huddles were they put you on the spot about your commitements and customer engagement rates when you know nothing about it. If you dont mind being micromanged and I seriously mean that take the job but if you dont like someone breathing down your back listening to every conversation you have observing and taking notes on you constantly questioning your performance then stay far far away from BofA. You also need a cracked out super chipper attitude all day long never ever let them catch you not smiling. It is all about the customer not you in any way shape or form, little side story I cut my finger open on the money drawer and was bleeding seriously bleeding I had a customer at my window and asked my TOS if there were any band aids she left and came back empty handed and asked who needs one I told her myself. She waited until I was finished to say you need to wait until you are finished with your transaction to engage in another conversation. -___-

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CindyMJ in New York, New York

31 months ago

Thanks for posting I would not be applying for a job with them. That kind of environment does not work for me. I hope that things turn out better for you or that at least you can find another job.

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studentforever in Las Vegas, Nevada

15 months ago

OMG sounds just like my experience. I thought I was the only one because everyone seems so excited to work here. I was hired 5 months ago. Sitting at a computer learning procedures 8 hours a day 4 training sessions in and out of training for months sometimes I just want to scream.

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Shell Shock in Eugene, Oregon

11 months ago

That first stage of teller is difficult. But, if you can hang on and show some sales abilities, you might be able to get promoted. And the other positions are much better. BofA is all about sales now, and making money, so it's a trickle down effect. Management is forced to observe the employees to make sure the service and sales is there. It can be annoying, but I have worked for WF and Citibank, and they observe you too. That's banking in general, they want you to sell.

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