Retail mangement postings are discriminatory/I applied

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anonymous in Evans City, Pennsylvania

107 months ago

I have approximately 19 years retail management experience. Most of these company's want, if not all, want unexperienced, YOUNG KIDS out of college. The pay would be less, but in the long run these kids won't last. My problem was my company went out of business/bankrupt, and there is no ne to verify my employment, then my mother took seriously ill and I was her caretaker til her death. Do I not show how to be a responsible person?

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No Name in Levittown, New York

103 months ago

I was called by Bed, Bath and Beyond one day after posting my resume on Monster. I actually cancelled my interview with them because I knew it was not a place for me. You work A LOT of hours ( more than other retailers) you are in charge of a department, and they seem to make promises that don't come through. So..if they don't call, maybe your better off! :)

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Bridget in Columbia, Maryland

102 months ago

I am looking for a job at Bed,Bath and Beyond.I was wondering if i could be 15 and work there??im very dedicated and i live right across the street from that store so i could be there whenever/after school.i could even get off for work you think they will hire me?

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disabled & discriminated against by BBB in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

32 months ago


then post your experience or send message with contact info.

IF you were discriminated against of Mistreated by BED BATH AND BEYOND, Attorneys need to speak with you. FREE REVIEW of your possible case. There is power in numbers and we shall stop this employer from violating employment laws

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Wiley1 in Morris Plains, New Jersey

27 months ago

mary in Akron, Ohio said: Maybe they will not hire you because of your poor grammar skills and bad attitude rather than your age. That is a thought.

Mary that is a 15 year old young adult looking for a job and responsibility; needing to be lifted up NOT shot down. What you have mistaken for bad grammar and attitude is actually generational communication. You on the other hand do not have that same excuse.

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