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Chad b it

Updated 1 month ago

Best buy criminal background question - 18 Replies

I got an interview for Best Buy regarding the geek squad position. I have a misdemeanor class C 2nd degree for simple assault. Wonder if they'll hire...

hitekinn in Fredonia, Kansas

Updated 2 months ago

The Hiring Process for Best Buy - 8 Replies

So, recently, I stopped working at Microcenter and applied for Best Buy. I got a call for an interview the day after I submitted an application...

Jacob R


So I applied to a local Best Buy for the Geek Squad position. I had my phone interview, then my second interview with the geek squad and assistant...

Amber Jessup in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 4 months ago

Email from a HR rep about a job at Best Buy - 1 Reply

I applied for some jobs online through Indeed and the next day I get an email saying I was a good person for the job and someone would email me about...

Frustrated in Santa Barbara, California

Updated 5 months ago

Best Buy Made a Big Mistake - 3 Replies

So I get called by best buy because I passed the online interview, so I have an interview with one of the leads and pass, so then I have one with a...

Frustrated in Santa Barbara, California

Best Buy hire/Waiting, still waiting. ...

I had my 2nd interview with GM Oct. 28. Told I was hired. Told them I would give my 2 week notice at job. We discussed start date and 3 day...

ElleBean in New York

Buying uniform gear from the HR Site

My manager ordered jackets for everyone in the dept. and said he would order me one too which means I wouldn't have to pay for it...but no one that...

ThePursuitOfKnowledgeIsLife in Clifton, Virginia

Online job submission- help!

I am 16 and have applied to several entry level positions at the local best buy, all online. However, when applying as a Geek Squad Consultation...

ctell310 in Torrance, California

Updated 6 months ago

Any indicators telling me I got the job? - 5 Replies

I applied for a Sales Associate Position at my local Best Buy Store. I got past the first interview with HR and had a 2nd interview with the GM and...

ctell310 in Torrance, California

Updated 6 months ago

How long to start working at Best Buy after being hired? - 1 Reply

Was hired as a Seasonal Sales Associate on Tuesday of this week and took my drug test on Thursday. How long after a drug test does it typically take...

ctell310 in Torrance, California

Updated 6 months ago

How long does it take to best buy to call u? - 1 Reply

Ok I applied last Monday went in the store on Wednesday and talked to a GM gave him my name etc... It's been a few days nothing application is still...

ctell310 in Torrance, California

Updated 6 months ago

Best buy employment history check - 1 Reply

I recently applied to best buy and was offered a job pending background check. However, i am nervous about the employment history check because i...

amyc in Fort Worth, Texas

on-boarding and electronic offer taking FOREVER

Daughter had interview on 10/21/15, its not 10/26/15. Was told an electronic offer would come thru. It hasn't. Was told it could take a week. That...

toniow35 in Miami, Florida

Updated 6 months ago

How to get a job at Best Buy. - 1683 Replies

Do you work at Best Buy? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

siturner44 in San Francisco, California

What skills do Best Buy look for when hiring a sales associate?

Does anyone know how Best Buy goes about hiring sales associates to work in their stores stores? How many applications do they usually get per...

brevin martin in Dolton, Illinois

Updated 8 months ago

applying at 17 - 5 Replies

I Applied yesterday and the hr status is blank.. What does that mean?.. Had to apply 2 times because the first time .. the hr status said "no longer...

CHaze in Lemont, Illinois

Does best buy hire people with misdemeanor that's not theft related

Got offer a job and worried about the background check

Melo12 in toronto, Ontario

interview at best buy?

I had a phone interview at best buy and they called me in for an in person interview. There's 2 interviews after the phone interview and they're both...

jj in Antioch, Tennessee

Updated 12 months ago

Can you negotiate your salary during the GM interview? - 5 Replies

i have no idea if i can or if i should if they offer me something low, what do you guys think

James Cann in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

New Hire

Hi all. I was recently hired by Best Buy and will be starting soon in the mobile phones. How is the company from the employee side? How quickly could...

ganesh in Singapore, Singapore

Updated 18 months ago

If they dont schedule me for a second interview right away...does that mean I did bad in the fist one? - 4 Replies

I had my first interview at Best Buy today and I am pretty sure I did good. I think I only messed up on two things. One question that the interviewer...

jhood in Seattle, Washington

best buy warehouse in kent washington

Warning please dont apply to this place it is hell, i just quit yesterday. they dont train you and are ready to fire you and write you up in a...

Eddy in Palm Bay, Florida

Updated 20 months ago

Recently applied to Best Buy and had second interview (GM), but haven't heard back yet? - 3 Replies

Hello, everyone. Hopefully you all are doing well. I applied to I believe two or three Best Buys and recently had two interviews at one (the most...

Cory in Fulton, Kentucky

Applied twice haven't heard anything

Ok I applied 2 positions. It's been 2 or 3 weeks since I've heard something. What do I need to do? Should I call the store? 1 position has been taken...

Nathan in Lewiston, Maine

Updated 21 months ago

Application Status "Under Review" - 2 Replies

I applied for a position online 5 days ago, and my application status says "Under Review", and the job posting was removed 2 days after I submitted...

jbogga none in Detroit, Michigan


Im pretty much asking about the benefits as a whole. Vacation, discount, health, dental, tuition reimbursement?? I'm hoping I get a job with best...

jbogga none in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 22 months ago

applying at best buy - 6 Replies

no matter how much I try or how I take the damn unicru personality test, I never pass it. I'm getting kinda desperate... Any tips on how to pass...

vgall93 in Sewell, New Jersey

Updated 23 months ago

Interview with Best Buy GM? - 1 Reply

I had an interview last Tuesday with a best buy employee and the interview went great,, I've worked in radio shack and at a hospital and they seem...

Donald Cao in Houston, Texas

Updated 23 months ago

Questioning Bestbuy hiring process - 2 Replies

So I finished my 1st interview with bestbuy on the 4th,and my 2nd one with the gm on the 5th. THe first went terrific, and the second one was just...

yeahyeahyeah in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Updated 23 months ago

Missed Pre Employment Drug Test - 1 Reply

This is my own fault. I was picking up a second job (Best Buy) for evenings/weekends. I received the offer e-mail, etc. Agreed to it. That's when I...

HairlessHenry in Chicago, Illinois

Best Buy 3rd Interview with GM went well but..

I applied to lots of positions at this Best Buy in my area. They called me and scheduled me for an interview with a Manager, it went great . A few...

RigorxMortis in Hesperia, California

Updated 27 months ago

Was told checking on my application weekly was harassment. - 5 Replies

Hello, I am a 19 year old highschool graduate whom has been applying for a job at the local Best Buy. When I first tried to apply was back before...

Davidm in Louisville, Kentucky

I live in louisville ky once I put in a application for a job at bestbuy how long does it take for them to give me a interview

I live in louisville kentucky once I put in a application for a job at bestbuy how long does it take for them to give me a interview

Emily in Anniston, Alabama

Updated 30 months ago

After second interview - 1 Reply

I just had my second interview and i still haven't heard anything yet. Will they call if i didn't get the job as well and how long does it normally...

Pavnit in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 30 months ago

Confused about some things...I'm in training at Best Buy? - 4 Replies

Today I start my training with a leader or trainer in my department. I am soooo confused, I wasnt told really what to do when I come in. We don't...

TimJ92 in Providence, Rhode Island

Updated 30 months ago

how long do you have to work at best buy to get a transfer - 2 Replies

how long do you have to work at best buy to get a transfer

Supermade in Los Angeles, California

Updated 30 months ago

Did Best Buy just hire me without an interview? - 1 Reply

I applied online for their seasonal Sales Consultant-Lifestyles Job last Wednesdays the 18th and this Tuesday the 24th I got an email saying that...

Coledition in Sonora, California

Hiring problem

I'm very concerned. Yesterday I went to a local Best Buy job fair and after the first interview I was instantly moved on to a manager interview. I...

jazzy in Gretna, Louisiana

Updated 31 months ago

Didn't recieve drug test forms. Boss asked to resubmit job offer. How do I do that? - 1 Reply

Hi so I got a job at Best Buy and accepted the job offer and gave consent for a drug test. The next step in the hiring process is to get an email...

Mark in Denton, Texas

Best Buy Customer Service Agent Interview Questions

Hello everyone, I have an interview for the Geek Squad Customer Service Agent next week and I was curious as to what questions I might expect...

Eddy in Oswego, New York

Updated 33 months ago

I had Geek Squad first interview need help??? - 2 Replies

I had my first interview at geek squad today. Two persons interview me, one guy from the geek squad department, and another girl from the store. They...

Brandon Holman in Greeley, Colorado

New-Hire Background checks.

So I am a new-hire to bestbuy, supposed to start my job July 28, 2013 in Computers and Tablets as a sales associate. I did the drug test and passed...

Airport Safety in Enfield, Connecticut

Updated 34 months ago

Did I actually get hired? - 3 Replies

So after a week from the online application, I get the phone interview, it goes well, and I get scheduled for an interview today, and first comes the...

Ty in Frisco, Texas

Updated 35 months ago

How to get a job at Best Buy? - 1 Reply

I applied for a cashier job at Best Buy yesterday, how long does it take for them to call you for an interview? I have 2 years experience in retail...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 35 months ago

Re-apply to Best Buy? - 2 Replies

So I applied online to Best Buy yesterday to two different positions. However, during the questionnaire, I rarely chose "strongly agree" or "strongly...

Mattrc77 in Chino, California

Just got an interview for best buy mobile, that what i applied for.

OK guys I'm having my first interview with best buy in a two days for mobile sale i believe. Any advice you guys have on what goes on in the first...

reero in Georgia

How long are the results for the Unicru personality test stored?

I applied for a position in December 2012, but I guess I failed the personality part of the application, since I never got a call back. The...

swhmetta in austin, Texas

Daily Life As A Manager??

Question- I have recently been offered an Assistant Manager position. I haven't started yet, and I haven't signed the acceptance yet. What can I...

Brian88 in Moreno Valley, California

UNICRU Personality Test

I was just wondering if this personality test is still being used. I have applied to best buy at least 6 times for 6 different positions and I never...

Gallahad in Long Beach, California

Updated 40 months ago

Best Buy Loss Prevention - 4 Replies

Hello out there. I'm not a stool pigeon or anything like that, but when it comes to Loss Prevention and Best Buy, be prepared to stand in front of a...

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