Best Buy Loss Prevention

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Andy in Cornelius, North Carolina

110 months ago

Hello out there. I'm not a stool pigeon or anything like that, but when it comes to Loss Prevention and Best Buy, be prepared to stand in front of a 13'' tv monitor, look at cameras, greet incoming and outgoing customers and long hours of standing. I worked at one recently and I exceeded the standard by about 120% and they showed me no consideration. I'm former military with way more security experience that they were paying me. I was told on several occasions that I do "too much" for the rate of pay I receive. They will only focus on numbers, selling magazines and revenue, not your views and opinions. Loss Prevention is at the bottom of the totem pole at Best Buy. Before you bleed blue, I would try Sears, KMart, Concord Mills Mall (Burlington Coat Factory), etc. I've been "over there" (won't mention country) three times and have secured the most well-known political figures in the owrld and all they wanted to pay me was $10/hour. Go to if you're interested in the world of Loss Prevention. Avoid Best Buy at all costs!

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SirLancelot in Atlanta, Georgia

107 months ago

Thats funny - I too am former military and DOJ with an extensive security background and applied for a senior mgmt position in LP after a recruiter contacted me - never got a reply which was ok except that I was more than qualified...b/c I have done LP consutling in the past for elect companies, I also know the level of apathy most companies have re LP - they dont want to eliminate, just tolerate shrink. Good luck.

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A Patriot in Whittier, California

107 months ago

Guys, check this out to get a job you REALLY deserve!

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dan1233 in Smithtown, New York

97 months ago

Thats also pretty funny because I also work at Best Buy, I worked there for 3 months as LP and its horrible. I have 4 years Loss Prevention Experience with JC Penney's and Macy's. Best Buy is horrible with LP, you cant do anything and you get yelled at for doing your job. They are more concerned with numbers and RZMCs then anything else. I get $10hr when technically I am supposed to be making way more then that with my experience. I am leaving Best Buy and going to TJ Max as a Loss Prevention Supervisor. Stay Away from Best Buy!

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gallahad in Long Beach, California

41 months ago

I have lots of respect for former military but if you go into private security (especially loss prevention) expecting to make more than 11-12 bucks an hour, your expectations are a bit off. Even if you got certs (guard card, baton and firearm permits) until you reach a supervisory position, the pay will still fall short of your expectations, trust me. All the secret clearances and special skills gained in the military, though impressive, generally do not apply to civilian jobs so you won't be compensated financially. Private security officers are still civilians. Your best best is going into work with the federal government at an entry level and combining your military service with federal employee service and retiring sooner and reaping some government benefits. Also using your GI Bill for school couldn't hurt. I once worked as a security patrol officer for Westec the summer after I got my BS in Criminal Justice 12+ years ago and was able to move up and on pretty quickly.

Anyways, this is an old post and I hope you all have landed solid careers.

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