Could I hope for another job at Best Buy? (long story)

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BiancaJ in Nowhere

62 months ago


I began working at a Best Buy in August of 2008. I can't tell you where because I don't want to make myself known, as I am trying to get a job at another Best Buy store.

At the store I worked at, during the interview process, I specifically told them I did not want to be a cashier, did not want to be in Customer Service, and did not want to answer the phones. The interviewer, my supervisor, agreed to these terms. About a month of working the sales floor, they put me on the sales phone because someone had called in sick. I did not complain, though I hated it. After my shift was over, my manager asked me if I liked it, and I was honest with him. He said that he would make sure that I "never had to do it again." Every day after that, I was on the phone. Even when a new guy was hired to do the sales phone, he got out on the sales floor and I was told to remain on the phone--by a guy who wasn't even my manager. I loved working for Best Buy and didn't want to leave, so I said nothing. The guy (who told the phone guy to stay on the sales floor, and me to stay on the phone [again, who was NOT a manager]) began harassing me daily, making me feel worthless all the time. He insulted me on a daily basis. Every day after work, I would go home and just cry over the things he had said to me.

I was not trained to be on the phone. They made me do a job that I specifically told them BEFORE I got hired that I did NOT want to do. Employees in the store constantly ignored my requests via the walkie (example. "Do we have ___ movie in stock?" No answer. Ten minutes later, still no answer). I was forbidden to get up from the phone to go physically see if we had a product.

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BiancaJ in Nowhere

62 months ago


The final straw was an incident about a television. A man had ordered a TV and called to see if it was in yet. I radioed to the warehouse and asked an inventory guy if we had it, and he said YES. I told the man on the phone that we had the television. He drove two hours to come get it, and when he got there, the tv was not there. I got screamed at and embarrassed in front of several people, and it was NOT MY FAULT.

Finally, after over nine months of being abused by the rude guy I worked with, I flat-out quit. I told them I was not coming back, and I didn't. I did not give two weeks' notice.

I am now trying to get hired by a different Best Buy. Today is Monday, and I had an interview last Wednesday.

I have not heard back from them.

Is it possible they called the other Best Buy, and the other Best Buy told them that I just left?

I now realize it was wrong of me, but.. you can't imagine how horrible I felt every single day. I was honestly debating all sorts of insane ideas to just escape from there.

As a company, Best Buy pleases me still. I truly love them.. I want to be a part of their team. I just don't want to be abused.. do you think the new Best Buy might hire me, or should I just give up?

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