Difference Between a Supervisor and Store Manager

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johnpaulzahary in New Jersey

91 months ago

Hi, I was checking job opportunities in my area and came across the position of Store Supervisor. When I read the description of training involved, it sounded more like a store manager.

Can somone tell me the differences between what is considered a Supervisor and a Store Manager at Best Buy?

Thanks again!

Michael Salamone in Hammonton, New Jersey

90 months ago

A supervisor is usually a supervisor of a particular dept, i.e. operations, PCHO, home theater, appliances. Your specific responsibility is for that dept. You do not have override authority for prices and do not have the ability to pick up transfer items from other stores nor do you hold set of keys to the store.

The manager(s) have register override authority, hold keys to the store, and can personally pick up store to store transfer items.

hope this helps//

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