Do department managers set their department's schedule?

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Derailed in Bastrop, Louisiana

56 months ago

And if not, how much input are they given? Does the manager of Best Buy Mobile make his department's schedule out of the hours he is given?

The BB Mobile Manager I'd be working with decided almost instantly he wanted to hire me I wanted to work for him almost immediately as well. During the interview (which he said at the start was already only a formality) he mentioned that he wanted to schedule me as many shifts as possible with him to give me the best opportunity to succeed. He was very excited to find out I was willing to work the maximum 8 hour shifts and was available any time.

My 2nd interview was more a formality; he spent more time selling me on the company because he'd already made up his mind. Afterwards he had me wait while he talked me up to the GM and Store Managers so they could offer me the position on the spot. He was genuinely ready and excited to start working with me.

The interview with the GM and SM went well and I was offered the position, which is opportunity seasonal. I'm fully confident I can prove myself and willing to take that chance. However my only hang-up is that they told me I may get as few as 4 hours a week. When I mentioned needing an average of at least 15-20 they said they couldn't guarantee anything but they'd do their best to make that happen if it was at all possible, but it depended on the hours available more than my performance, as if I may accept this job and then get half of a shift a week.

It sounded like the BB Mobile manager wanted me to stay with him after the seasonal job if I turned out to be even half of what he expected, and he wanted to schedule me as much as he possibly could. It scared me to hear them like me as much as he did yet tell me such a drastically low number.

I need money or job now. If the manager was glad I was available for 8 hour shifts, would at worst get just 8hrs/wk a week? If I perform well would my hours increase from 8 hrs/wk once the holiday season picks up?

Derailed in Bastrop, Louisiana

56 months ago

I'd delete this if I could, but I'll answer my own question with the hope it helps someone in the future.

They called me back tonight to give me a deadline of tomorrow afternoon and I told them I needed at least 15-20 hours guaranteed, and she said ok she'd let the BB Mobile Manager know in the morning.

She called me back ten minutes later to tell me she'd already spoken to him and he could guarantee at least that many hours and he'd like to give me closer to 40 hours if I even came anywhere close to his (not easy, but very reasonable) expectations. I'm definitely up for the challenge.

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