Good or Bad Thing?

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E in Chesterfield, Missouri

58 months ago

Ok so I had an interview today... and everyone told me that they would be asking questions about some of my weaknesses, obstacles I've overcome etc.

Except, the interview was completely different. My interviewer didn't ask me any questions like that, only when I was available and one question which was why I wanted to join. She explained to me how she was looking for people to work as a COA (Geek Squad) or computer sales. She asked if I was okay and I said definitely. Then she had me leave the interviewing room and find someone working on the floor and find out about them, and I had to go back to her and describe the employee and she had to guess who it was.

She skipped all the weird questions, and I had to sign some thing at the end. She said I would be called within the end of the week if I was chosen for a GM interview.

Since she skipped all those personality type questions, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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dennischow in Anonymous Proxy

58 months ago

I think it's not a good signal.

Normally, more questions equals more possibilities you get the job.

If the hr don't ask you questions, you need to remember to ask them questions.

Most people like active guys and you can ask directly how they feel about you.

Keep networking with your interviewer, try to get some "inside" information if you can.

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E in Chesterfield, Missouri

58 months ago

Dang, she seemed really excited about everything though and I did ask her a question. When she got to the questions she was just like "These questions are stupid so we'll skip them"

Did you have to sign something at the end of yours also? I had to initial like 10 things and sign...

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