Interviewed but i kind of failed

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v4vamp in Fountain Valley, California

42 months ago

Hi I just went through the interview for a sales position and it all went fine until the end. I was answering all the questions fast and thorough. When he asked if I had any questions for him, I went completely blank and was saying um ah a lot. At the end, he just said well I have a lot of interviews to go through today and I just shook his hand and that was the end. All i asked was do you guys sometimes accept interns here. Do you guys think that I gave him a too bad of a impression at the end to have only one question to ask him for me not to be hired?

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TryingHardToFindWork in Arlington, Virginia

42 months ago

There's really no way to know. Some people feel they do well on an interview and find out they didn't get the job, while others feel they don't do so well and end up getting it. There's no real way of knowing how an interviewer will decide to judge an interview and what his/her thought process is.

All you can do is learn from this and move on. You can't rest your laurels on one interview. Keep applying to jobs and don't give up. Good luck in finding what you're looking for.

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v4vamp in Fountain Valley, California

41 months ago

Thanks for the response btw. You're right it was just that it was my first real interview and i think i was kinda too anxious. I definitely learned what I did or said wrong and next time i'll try to feel more comfortable. I'll just wait a couple of days to see if they call. Thanks for the encouragement =D. I won't give up!

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evang in Northeast, Pennsylvania

40 months ago

Always have some simple questions ready to fire at the guy, even if they are kind of trivial. Things such as hours you will be given, when schedules are handed out, pay if it hasn't been brought up, job responsibilities. Always helps you look better, even if at Best Buy, from personal experience they lie straight to your face about most of those things during the interview.

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