Was told checking on my application weekly was harassment.

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Vulpesveritas in Kankakee, Illinois

49 months ago

Hello, I am a 19 year old highschool graduate whom has been applying for a job at the local Best Buy. When I first tried to apply was back before the holiday, and after an interview the slot in which I had the interview for was closed due to an employee choosing to continue on in the department. After the season was over, I reapplied and had an interview shortly before the hiring freeze. Then, about a month ago when I was told the hiring freeze was up, I filled out a new application, and when I talked to the hiring manager he said "If they are interested in you we'll give you a call, it's not up to me, it's up to the managers." After talking to one of the other employees there, he suggested that I introduce myself to some of the other managers, although they were in meetings that day so I decided I would do so later. I came in to check on my application once the next week, and had forgotten to introduce myself. I was given the same reply by the hiring manager once again. I called in once later that week, and was simply given the same statement again. Then last week, I was busy and was unable to check in, then when I went by today, the hiring manager wasn't in yet, but one of the managers, I think he was either the store or general manager, was in, and I introduced myself. He asked if anyone there was able to pull applications, and as the hiring manager wasn't in yet there wasn't. When the hiring manager came in though, I asked him if there was any updates whatsoever, and he said in a hostile tone that there was not, gave me the same statement, then walked back to talk to some of the other employees of the store. Remembering that the other manager had asked about pulling my application, I figured I'd ask to see if there was anything I could do to improve my application, or anything different I could do to help me get a job. However, the hiring manager came over to me first and told me that my continuing to ask was borderline harassment. Is this true?

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Yep in Kennesaw, Georgia

48 months ago

I would go contact there district manager or simply get be a real pain and speak to a lawyer.

I have the same issues with these places. I take my time to drive to the store, talk to these managers and find out whats open and whats not, about my experience and what departments would best suit my abilities. Then go home Fill out the application ( sometimes multiple times for different positions) And all for what?

No one calls, they don't care. And pretty much if you don't have connections in the store, a pair of jugs and blonde hair then you just wasted your time. And pretty much they have YOUR info on file that allot of these companies DO SELL to make money.

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Mike in Middleboro, Massachusetts

46 months ago

Vulpesveritas- I can understand your frustration, but what you were doing was borderline harassment. It's possible you just weren't the best fit for the store's needs, but if they were interested, they would have contacted you. It sucks, but that's really all there is to it. Calling the store once about a week after your interview is fine. Of course you want to follow up- it shows you're interested. But to come in and ask once a week when they are trying to run their business is a turnoff. That only helps to land your application in the paper shredder. It's harsh, but that's reality.

Yep- Really? A lawyer? Your entire comment showcases your ignorance so it's not surprising that no one is calling you back. We're in a down economy; that are not that many jobs to be had. Acting like any business owes you something is not going to help you at all.

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xnmmi in Lancaster, California

46 months ago

+1 on Mike's take. You really need to move on Vulp and keep applying everywhere if you want to get into retail, now is the time as everyone will be gearing up for the holidays - you may as well cross that Best Buy off your list now and as long as the same staff works there.

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SoUmYeah? in Acworth, Georgia

42 months ago

Yep- Really? A lawyer? Your entire comment showcases your ignorance so it's not surprising that no one is calling you back. We're in a down economy; that are not that many jobs to be had. Acting like any business owes you something is not going to help you at all.

Ignorance? It's experience.

I have dealt with Best buy for many years. 4/5 years I have filled out applications at 6 different locations and they never hire. I have had managers tell me to fill out an application in person and to call them, Because unlike most of the staff i do have knowledge on a ton of the products in the store.

I actually pointed out to them that they didn't even unpack a few products and they were actually selling 400 to 500 dollars worth of products for 80 bucks due to the staff Not being able to recognize
a shipping box compared to a products actual case. i was even called in and had 2 interviews and even watched a few Training videos. One time I was called in for an interview and the manager went to LUNCH! i was waiting for an entire hour past the time I was told to come in.

You need real connections or get them when they desperately need someone. They hire more children in HS then they do college students. With my near professional Knowledge of Music equipment,Computers,Design software,Tvs,gaming and Cameras it's even a joke to consider otherwise. they don't care about anything more than looks and connection.

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RigorxMortis in Hesperia, California

29 months ago

SoUmYeah? it must be nice to live so high up in the clouds. THAT right there is more than likely the reason why you weren't hired. No manager of ANY retail store wants to have to deal with a know it all. As far as your experience goes? You're talking to a Best Buy employee (me) that actually found the job on THIS job board. I didn't have any in-store connections, I'm not blonde, not a high school student (I'm 24) nor do I have a huge rack. What I do have is a humbling personality that the hiring manager instantly loved. Like Mike said your entire comment showcases your ignorance. Congratulations that you pointed out something they were doing wrong. Let me do that same gesture for you... and shut your mouth. It's getting you nowhere. Applying to a location, even multiple, for 4/5 years does NOT give you experience. And what "near professional knowledge" do you really believe you possess. If that was the case, why are you applying to Best Buy. It would seem you would be overqualified for the position. Now don't let my words go to your head, that was not a compliment. All I can say, is kudos to the manager that left for lunch. It would have been a waste of his time anyway.

Mike, you were totally right. A very similar instance happened this last season. We had a know it all in my department. Sure, he knew a lot about a lot of different products, but his attitude sucked. No company owes you ANYTHING. When landing a job, it's up to you, the applicant to show what you can bring to the table. If you keep coming into the store or calling, that's taking away time from the managers' days. That's time they can't get back. They all have to keep a steady flow of business. Processing a needy applicant's papers is not at the top of their priority list. Like they told you, if you fit the needs for the position, they would have contacted you.

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