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Updated 1 day ago

Here it is! The exact criminal history questions from Boeing's Online Employment Application! - 14 Replies

After reading this post I realized I had only read the “Do you have any criminal charges pending against you or open arrest warrants?” So I answered...


Updated 2 days ago

Time between offer and start date? - 5 Replies

It's the contingent offer from SC as well.


Updated 2 days ago

How to get a job at Boeing. - 284 Replies

Here was the process for me (Entry - Engineering): Applied for job. After the closing date.. heard back the next week about an interview. Had the...

big bear

Updated 8 days ago

Boeing, Charleston Hiring Process - 137 Replies

I got a felony 13 yes ago n I jus completed the unpaid training will boeing hire me


Updated 14 days ago

Received a "Resume Received" Email - 1 Reply

That was an automated reply. Also, don't try to fix your resume. Wait until you've been asked to interview, then address it as a "typographical...


Updated 21 days ago

stagnating in online applications - 4 Replies

The jobs I am stuck on are in California, so I guess it is throughout the whole company


Updated 21 days ago

Boeing - Imma get a job or I'll die trying - 1 Reply

Any luck?


Updated 1 month ago

Need I dedicate advice on Boeing online employment application!! - 4 Replies

Thanks, I was so nervous that actually I'm applying for the Huntington Beach facility. The form didn't ask for references and I guess I'll do what...


Updated 1 month ago

Entry level manufacturing engineer salary - 1 Reply

Yes, a Manufacturing Engineer would be a good fit for someone with a Mechanical Engineering degree since they are a bridge between the engineering...

east bound

Boeing Discriminating?

I posted this at the bottom of another forum that was over a year old, so I figure I will start is here so it's new. I have a question for whoever...


Does Boeing hire any international student?

I am an international master student in mechanical engineering. All the positions that I found in Boeing career website require U.S. person status....


Updated 1 month ago

How to tailor resume to boeing job description (keywords) - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Alison Deane in New York, New York"]Hi, I am not sure about the second questions, but to the first one: I think you should not overdue...


Updated 2 months ago

Is it a good or bad sign to have under consideration status for position at Boeing for well over 2 months? - 4 Replies

Yes, yes it is. I'm going on 8 months so far, but I have been told I have an offer being mad next week.


Under consideration only in everett

so i have been applying for about 3 weeks at boeing and live in the everett area. I will apply everywhere in washington. Ive been noticing that...


Updated 2 months ago

Boeing Interview Event - 13 Replies

Hi All, I have a question. I interviewed in person last week with Boeing, after the online application process. It has been a week and the managers...


Updated 2 months ago

Boeing Employment Application Process - 6 Replies

What is the eligibility for applying Boeing job and how I can know that I qualify for Boeing careers?

Updated 2 months ago

Under Consideration on Boeings Website - 60 Replies

First off I love all this feedback its great and I have learned something. I have been focusing on governmental jobs for two years now. I have gotten...


Updated 2 months ago

Boeing: Background Security Screening : Is being honest a good thing? - 6 Replies

SUCCESS!! :) Everything is fine, and will be starting soon with Boeing Company! Counting my blessings, and cannot wait!


Updated 2 months ago

Looking for tips on getting hired by Boeing - 40 Replies

I worked at Boeing for over 10 years. A majority of my career was in the quality assurance fields; last job was a second level manager and I will...


Boeing 401k Plan

Thanks in advance for you comments. For those working at Boeing, Everett WA or otherwise, who have a 401k plan with Boeing. Does Boeing have a...


Updated 2 months ago

Not What was expected! - 23 Replies

Ok, folks. I've lived here all my life and I work for Boeing. If you're relocating to Everett for Boeing, try doing what I did. Even having lived...


Updated 3 months ago

Will class 1 misdemeanor affect contract renewal? - 24 Replies

If you have had a problem with the law and want to work in aerospace, unless it's a felony it shouldn't be a big problem IF YOUR HONEST ABOUT IT!...


Boeing background check

I recently received a job offer at Boeing and got a package from fed-ex saying that there were concerns about my background check. The investigator...


Updated 5 months ago

Background Check - 110 Replies

I recently received a job offer at Boeing and got a package from fed-ex saying that there were concerns about my background check. The investigator...


Updated 5 months ago

Boeing Background check - Dismissed cases - 102 Replies

[QUOTE who="sam2262 in Los Angeles, California"]I would love to know the answer to this question as well[/QUOTE] did he get the job


Updated 6 months ago

Over 2 months-under consideration - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="CHSParalegal in Charleston, South Carolina"]I applied for the paralegal position at the Charleston plant over two months ago. I've not...


Updated 6 months ago

Background check - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="iamdesperate in Mercer Island, Washington"]I want to follow up with everyone. I got an e-mail this past friday saying "Congratulations...

Updated 6 months ago

What's the company culture at Boeing? - 35 Replies

Boeing Everett Interiors Department is one of the most racist and disgusting organizations to work for. Boeing like to say they hire more qualified...


Updated 7 months ago

BESS application - 3 Replies

Update- I heard back from Boeing and the email stated that I had been selected to interview for the positions but before I could continue with the...

Updated 7 months ago

Received an email back "boeing employment application" - 1 Reply

I saw this was posted 12 months ago, I received the same email last week. What ended u happening???


Updated 7 months ago

Do I still have a chance? - 4 Replies

Good point! More importantly: do not apply for jobs at companies like Boeing. Think of it this way: those are very large companies, extremely...


Updated 7 months ago

Serious Question.... - 2 Replies

maybe the profile was unavailable at the time you posted this. I can see it now and uhhh doesn't look like that fellow is very active. His last...


Updated 7 months ago

After interview process - 3 Replies

I had an interview a month ago and I thought it went well. I have not heard anything from them yet, and yesterday when I checked my status it said...


Updated 7 months ago

Counter Offer - 19 Replies

Vacation is not negotiable. They will most likely pre load you with 2 weeks of vacation on day one. Engineers are considered exempt so OT would be...


Updated 8 months ago

Out of state applications? - 8 Replies

To answer the original question, being out of state doesnt matter one bit to Boeing, they conduct as many over the phone interviews as they do in...


Updated 8 months ago

Boeing Apprenticeship for older person? - 1 Reply

The Boeing apprenticeship program is one of those things that you're never too old for, oddly enough. I've seen all ages go through it. By all means,...


Updated 8 months ago

Getting a interview at Boeing - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Thomas Layton in Seattle, Washington"]Hello everyone I have been applying for a jobs at boeing for the past 5 years and haven't received...


Updated 8 months ago

Pay and benefit differences between Charleston and Puget Sound area engineers - 2 Replies

Don't quote me but I think the Charleston facility offers subsidiary benefits which in no way implies that they are inferior to those offered in...


Updated 8 months ago

Does a bad phone interview hurt the next opportunity in Boeing? - 2 Replies

Just because you did poorly it does not mean you could never have another chance. I did not do very well during my first interview with Boeing as...


Updated 9 months ago

Boeing Offer Process / Career Fair - 2 Replies

Ok thanks that's what I have heard from a good bit of people. I'm just so anxious to get the offer and start working. I know I have to be patient...

Allen Toma in Lynnwood, Washington

Updated 10 months ago

Reduction in Force - 14 Replies

Well, we've all heard the latest news. 800 of our brothers and sisters possibly getting cut from Everett. For current employees: what is the...

yodafafoda in Marysville, Washington

Updated 10 months ago

Boeing Charleston Job Offer - 1 Reply

Need help please. I received a job offer from Boeing at the Charleston location as assembler. I have starting pay info, but nothing else? How often...

yodafafoda in Marysville, Washington

Updated 10 months ago

How long does it take Boeing to get back to you after filling out the BESS application ? - 1 Reply

I received an email on 5/21/2013 from the BESS automated system that i was under consideration for one of the positions i applied for, it said that i...

reubendv in Auckland, New Zealand

Foreign internships during winter

Hey guys, Hello from New Zealand! I am a 3rd year ME student and was looking to do an internship over my summer break (November to February)...

Boeing Researcher in Seattle

Updated 11 months ago

Dismissed charges and disclosure - 16 Replies

I received a Fed-Ex package in the mail from Boeing today. It says that there is a concern with my criminal history. In the application under...

cautiously optimistic in Gainesville, Florida

Updated 11 months ago

Want to apply to Boeing but have a deferred judgement sealer record. - 1 Reply

Hi guys, I currently live in St. Louis and want to apply for a position at Boeing. Back in college I was super dumb and shoplifted. I did no...

dipolemoment in Olympia, Washington

Ridiculous Interview!

This post is intended as a warning to those who get the opportunity to fly out to Boeing sites! I applied for an engineering position at the company...

cautiously optimistic in Gainesville, Florida

Boeing Work History Check and Credit Check Concerns (Unique Sitution)

So I'm in a bit of a unique situation and I have two issues I'm trying to resolve. I'm waiting to clear Boeing's background check for a finance...

Kam.Fox in Lakewood, Washington

Updated 12 months ago

Hiring Process - 605 Replies

Hi my name is Angela and I applied for a job at Boeing in April 2010. I am still under consideration for this job. I live in St. Louis, MO and the...

sabrina.weigel in Englewood, Colorado

Background Check

I have been a contractor for Jeppesen (A Boeing Company) for the past eighteen months. Recently they offered me a full time position at Jeppesen...

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