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hopeful2033 in Everett, Washington

Under consideration only in everett

so i have been applying for about 3 weeks at boeing and live in the everett area. I will apply everywhere in washington. Ive been noticing that...

708ferry in Anacortes, Washington

Updated 41 months ago

Boeing Interview Event - 13 Replies

Greetings all! I had a questions about the interview process at Boeing. I applied for a requisition about 3 months ago and was invited to submit a...

98208 in Everett, Washington

Updated 41 months ago

Boeing Employment Application Process - 6 Replies

I have applied to several positions since 4/1/2010. I am still "under consideration" for all of them, including the IS career Foundation Program...

vtn in seattle, Washington

Boeing 401k Plan

Thanks in advance for you comments. For those working at Boeing, Everett WA or otherwise, who have a 401k plan with Boeing. Does Boeing have a...

mhayes in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 43 months ago

Will class 1 misdemeanor affect contract renewal? - 24 Replies

Hello I have been a contract laborer at Boeing Information technology for 2 years. Unfortunately along the way I did something stupid (left angry...

otis in Alton, Illinois

Boeing background check

I recently received a job offer at Boeing and got a package from fed-ex saying that there were concerns about my background check. The investigator...

LegalGirl in Charleston, South Carolina

Updated 45 months ago

Over 2 months-under consideration - 6 Replies

I applied for the paralegal position at the Charleston plant over two months ago. I've not heard from anyone except the initial "thank you" email. I...

waiting in Tacoma, Washington

Updated 46 months ago

Background check - 9 Replies

I was wondering if someone can help me concerning my background check for Theft 3 charge. I have been reading some of the forum questions and is it...

angi8488 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 46 months ago

BESS application - 3 Replies

I received emails yesterday to fill out BESS applications for some of the jobs I was under consideration for. I was very excited as I've been...

pkapogi1@*****.*** in Binghamton, New York

Updated 46 months ago

Received an email back "boeing employment application" - 1 Reply

What does this mean? also i have some questions about the application itself. I am currently self employed, on one of the sections it asks if its...

JS in Bethesda, Maryland

Updated 47 months ago

Do I still have a chance? - 4 Replies

I filled out an entry-level job application at boeing website this Monday. After several hours, my job status was changed to "no longer under...

Petrus in Los Angeles, California

Updated 47 months ago

Serious Question.... - 2 Replies

How can a current Boeing employee be a moderator in this forum? That seems like a direct conflict of interest. Is the moderator on company time...

Petrus in Los Angeles, California

Updated 47 months ago

After interview process - 3 Replies

I had an interview with Boeing end of April, until now I still haven't receive any feedback from them. I check my status for the job it still under...

former1 in Redmond, Washington

Updated 47 months ago

Counter Offer - 19 Replies

I have received a contingent offer from Boeing but the starting salary is a little lower than I was hoping for. After the interview, the hiring...

BoeFab in Renton, Washington

Updated 47 months ago

Out of state applications? - 8 Replies

Hi everyone, If someone is familiar with the hiring process, will being an out-of-state applicant for an entry-level position be...

bass_ash in New York, New York

Boeing Apprenticeship for older person?

Does anyone have experience with or knows about the Boeing Apprenticeship program? I am interested in taking the couple required college classes...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 48 months ago

Getting a interview at Boeing - 2 Replies

Hello everyone I have been applying for a jobs at boeing for the past 5 years and haven't received a interview or call in this time I have graduated...

BCAengineer in California

Updated 48 months ago

Pay and benefit differences between Charleston and Puget Sound area engineers - 2 Replies

I have been considering a family lifestyle change and a career move away from the midwest auto industry competition. Boeing has been on my radar for...

BCAengineer in California

Updated 48 months ago

Does a bad phone interview hurt the next opportunity in Boeing? - 2 Replies

I applied an engineer job last May (~14 months ago). I had a phone interview opportunity. I did it very poorly. I keep applying since then, but I do...

AJ2323 in Summerville, South Carolina

Updated 48 months ago

Boeing Offer Process / Career Fair - 2 Replies

Hey everyone I have seen a lot of posts on this website concerning Boeing and I was hoping someone could help me out and possibly give me some...

Allen Toma in Lynnwood, Washington

Updated 49 months ago

Reduction in Force - 14 Replies

Well, we've all heard the latest news. 800 of our brothers and sisters possibly getting cut from Everett. For current employees: what is the...

yodafafoda in Marysville, Washington

Updated 50 months ago

Boeing Charleston Job Offer - 1 Reply

Need help please. I received a job offer from Boeing at the Charleston location as assembler. I have starting pay info, but nothing else? How often...

yodafafoda in Marysville, Washington

Updated 50 months ago

How long does it take Boeing to get back to you after filling out the BESS application ? - 1 Reply

I received an email on 5/21/2013 from the BESS automated system that i was under consideration for one of the positions i applied for, it said that i...

reubendv in Auckland, New Zealand

Foreign internships during winter

Hey guys, Hello from New Zealand! I am a 3rd year ME student and was looking to do an internship over my summer break (November to February)...

cautiously optimistic in Gainesville, Florida

Updated 51 months ago

Want to apply to Boeing but have a deferred judgement sealer record. - 1 Reply

Hi guys, I currently live in St. Louis and want to apply for a position at Boeing. Back in college I was super dumb and shoplifted. I did no...

dipolemoment in Olympia, Washington

Ridiculous Interview!

This post is intended as a warning to those who get the opportunity to fly out to Boeing sites! I applied for an engineering position at the company...

cautiously optimistic in Gainesville, Florida

Boeing Work History Check and Credit Check Concerns (Unique Sitution)

So I'm in a bit of a unique situation and I have two issues I'm trying to resolve. I'm waiting to clear Boeing's background check for a finance...

yodafafoda in Marysville, Washington

Updated 52 months ago

Applying for Boeing - 1 Reply

Is it even worth it to apply for boeing even if there laying off for the remaining of the year, im trying to apply for any entry level jobs, or...

s93 in Berkeley, California

Employment Application

Hi y'all, I submitted an employment application for a position about 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard back. I noticed today that I was no longer...

InCognito89 in Somwhere, Kentucky

Updated 52 months ago

Violations on Application - 3 Replies

I have a VIOLATION for public intox that was dismissed in 2011. I did not disclose this because (1) the question specifically asked for misdemeanors...

thegame in Bothell, Washington

Updated 52 months ago

No Everett assemblers needed? - 3 Replies

Hello. I've been through the WATRC training at Paine Field, and was told that Boeing hires a LOT of grunt assemblers, like me. But I haven't found...

NatG in Kanata, Ontario

Updated 52 months ago

Salary Counter Offer for Boeing Job Offer - 16 Replies

Has anyone had success in a Salary Counter Offer for a Boeing Job offer?

NatG in Kanata, Ontario

Updated 52 months ago

Hirign process trend in PA... - 4 Replies

I recently applied for a position at Boeing in PA. I am trying to find out what the trend is over there with the hiring process? I applied for two...

NatG in Kanata, Ontario

Updated 52 months ago

Counter Offer - 3 Replies

Does Boeing accept counter offers for salary? The starting wage is much lower than I'm currently making and I don't think I could afford to take the...

NatG in Kanata, Ontario

Updated 52 months ago

Boeing job offer/ salary negotiation - 2 Replies

Good day! I had an interview with Boeing for asset manager position (level 4) 10 days ago. Last week they called and offered me a job. The same day...

Yoon in Bellevue, Washington

Updated 52 months ago

I'm looking to get re-hired at Boeing as a tech designer. Tips anyone - 6 Replies

I'm looking at getting re-hired at the Boeing company as a Technical Designer. Right now I would be happy to just get my foot back in the door, when...

yodafafoda in Marysville, Washington

Updated 53 months ago

Does Vendor experience help with getting a job at The Boeing Company? - 1 Reply

I work for a manufacturing company that does business with the Boeing Company. I work directly with the Supply Chain Analysts to fill their...

JDRF in Maryland Heights, Missouri

Radar Cross Section Analysis Engineer 2/3 Salary?

Hello. I have a plant visit / interview for this position next week in St Louis. Curious if anybody has knowledge of the typical salary offered for...

NatG in Ottawa, Ontario

Updated 54 months ago

My timeline - 62 Replies

I initially applied in mid August 2011. I got the congrats email November 15 2011 and submitted full application. I went to the interview January...

yodafafoda in Marysville, Washington

Updated 54 months ago

Applying for multiple jobs at Boeing - 1 Reply

I read that Boeing suggests to tailor each resume to each job posting...but, do you get blacklisted if you do that? For instance with my experience...


Please Help! Disclosing odd Dismissal from Previous Employer

3 years ago I was suddenly dismissed from my employer for reasons I disputed. My case was investigated by the state and I won a case against my...

shannoneck17 in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 55 months ago

Boeing San Antonio - 14 Replies

Just wondering if anyone else is currently going through the application/hiring process for boeing here in San Antonio. They are said to be hiring...

ToBoeingOrNotToBoeing in Seattle, Washington

Updated 56 months ago

Credit Checks for Procurement - 1 Reply

If you have poor credit and are late on a student loan payment can you still get a procurement position?

ToBoeingOrNotToBoeing in Seattle, Washington

Updated 56 months ago

Health Benefits question - 100 Replies

Does anyone know what our family of 5 might expect for medical/dental costs in a union position w/ Boeing (employee, spouse, and 3 minor...

shannoneck17 in San Antonio, Texas

Boeing San Antonio

Hi, I just moved to San Antonio and am looking to apply at Boeing, but their website is kind of frustrating me. When I was in Everett, WA, I got...

Wayne in Pullman, Washington

Updated 56 months ago

background - 9 Replies

does anyone know if the boeing security will still contact you even if you list that you have a misdemnor. I did list mine but have been told they...

ToBoeingOrNotToBoeing in Seattle, Washington

Updated 57 months ago

appeals - 35 Replies

I received an offer but then was declined regarding a question on the application that asked if you had charges against you. I at the time had not...

yodafafoda in Marysville, Washington

Updated 57 months ago

Switching Jobs Within Boeing - 1 Reply

I was hoping another Boeing employee could answer my question about switching jobs within the company. I've been told it is a good idea to apply...

ToBoeingOrNotToBoeing in Seattle, Washington

Updated 57 months ago

Manufacturing planner interview - 3 Replies

I have an interview for a Manufacturing planner position coming up. Obviously, I've read the job description, but I am wanting to get a better...

Eric in Telford, Pennsylvania

Assembly positions

Hi , I am under consideration for assembly position. Does anybody know what the compensation is for door/electrical assembly or how much the...

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