No Everett assemblers needed?

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zeekers in Oak Harbor, Washington

27 months ago

Hello. I've been through the WATRC training at Paine Field, and was told that Boeing hires a LOT of grunt assemblers, like me. But I haven't found any job listings for Boeing assemblers in Everett, or for that matter, anywhere in the Puget Sound area, although, I'm keeping busy applying to other aerospace companies. My paranoid character kicks in and I'm thinking that everyone that was in the same school as me, and once hired, have referred all the available jobs to their classmates. Could this be true? Or does Boeing display open jobs, even when there are inside referrals. And a final annoying question: how often does Boeing consider employee referrals from surrounding aerospace contractors, that would hire me. If that makes sense. THANKS. shawn

yodafafoda in Marysville, Washington

27 months ago

Hiring has tapered off...
The best thing you could do right now, is start applying at Boeing suppliers. Meanwhile, definitely keep checking Boeing; and don't give up on that.

Good luck!

zeekers in Greenbank, Washington

27 months ago

Thanks, yodafafoda.


thegame in Bothell, Washington

26 months ago

especially now that layoffs are coming and 800 jobs are on the line this yr its a spooky time i really wish this doesnt happen but i feel my wifes 7 month job at boeing on the 777 might be over if she gets bumped from this layoff i surely hope not but they say 787 747 but they can bump anywhere they can if they have the senoirty .

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