BAH Dress Code for Women

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satch3zg in Alexandria, Virginia

88 months ago

I have just been offered an entry-level position at the Crystal City (Arlington) office. I was curious about the dress code for women - when I was there it varied anywhere from suits to more casual khakis. What exactly is allowed? Are there casual Fridays? I'm coming straight out of college and as you can imagine most of my clothes are definitely on the "casual" side - not inappropriate by any means but still unsure. Can we wear nice knee-length skirts or dresses in the summer (no spaghetti straps and plunging neckline, obviously)?

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andjusticeforall in elkridge, Maryland

86 months ago

I'd really go for a real conservative look until you get a feel. Different offices have their own standards and cultures and I've never been to the one in crystal city. Generally, booz is considered to be more formal and conservative than a lot of firms and my wife was chided for some seemingly silly stuff. I think the skirts you mention would be fine though as long as they are nice ones.

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Bob in North Charleston, South Carolina

83 months ago

How depressing. Work has been reduced to dress code. What about goals? What about dreams? What about creativity? What about making the world a better place? What about service? Who gives a F--- how your dressed, just do good work and make a difference in the world. Sometimes I hate what "work" has become. I think we were better off as cave men.

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Steve in Rockville, Maryland

28 months ago

Bob, some companies require professional attire not because of some meaningless internal dress code, but because they must interact with clients/customers frequently, and clients/customers will make judgements about the company based on how their employees dress and conduct themselves.

But if you're talking about the fact that clients and customers care that we wear suits in certain professions, then that is just a fact of our society today. Even in this day, we all still have the option to live as a caveman, but if we want to participate in modern society by living in a home, wearing store-bought clothes, and driving a car, we might have to conform to the norms of the society that is providing those benefits.

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