Help with Decision..Physician considering BAH Healthcare Position

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Desi MD in Maryland

107 months ago

To give some background.....I finished medical school and started a general surgery residency, half way through i decided to do 3 years of research at the NIH. During my time at NIH i decided i did not want to go back to complete my surgical residency, instead i am considering a medical consulting position at BAH in Maryland.

I've had two interview seccsions with two separate teams. Both interviews went very well. I met with a variety of people ranging from associates to principles. This is a very big career change for me, so it has been difficult to make a decision, especially since the salary and structure of BAH is suck a black box.

As a clinical physician/surgeon i have a potential salary after residency of >250k. On the other hand, BAH made me an offer of 100k to start, with the title of Sr. Consultant. What is the salary potential at BAH as a physician? They say i would likely be promoted to assiciate w/in 1 year, but the salary increase is only 10-15%, i think. The work they are involved with at BAH is very interesting, and i would love to join the firm, but the starting salary is incredibly low.

If anyone has any advice i would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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ralphmalph in Alington, Virginia

106 months ago


This is very interesting since after working there for a while I had been told that associates salaries only go as high as about $130k with a PHd or I would assume an MD maybe to $150k. You say they are willing to offer you Sr. Consultant which is what a 4 yr grad with a few yrs experience would come in as and never get paid anywhere near $100k. If you were promoted to associate and got the 15% that would put you at $115k just $35k away from your top salary. I would wonder why you might consider taking a job for $150k less than you can make as a doctor. Would your over head (malpractice etc) cost more than that? Also if I were a doctor I would not settle for less than a Sr. Associate which is the level where you get bonuses. I know people without any degrees that are Sr. Associates. To think of an M.D. as a Sr. Consultant to me would be nothing less than a slap in the face.

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