What's the company culture at BrainLAB?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at BrainLAB?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at BrainLAB?

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Robyn in Winfield, Illinois

127 months ago

BrainLAB is a company that is obviously very young and perceives themselves to be very progressive. They also are very short on manners.

Over the course of three days, I interviewed with seven different people both in Westchester and in Germany via the video conference (of which they were quite proud). My top-notch references were called and interviewed at length. They reported back that the HR Manager seemed very positive and pleased. Having been a school teacher, my background has been checked numerous times so I know there were no incidents there, I have a perfect work record. As I left the office, the Director of Ops dashed out of his office to greet me and shake my hand. I had interviewed with him earlier, and he obviously remembered me.

I then received, via email, a standard, three line reject letter. No phone call, no reason for the rejection. I was stunned. When I requested feedback I got no response. I could see that type of interaction after a single interview, but after three trips and interviews with seven different people?

Frankly, I was worked over and my references were inconvenienced for no benefit to anyone but them. BrainLAB is also the only company I ever interviewed with that did not give out their benefit package information. Perhaps that was a large red flag that I didn’t see.

All this is true, and I’m putting down my name. If BrainLAB wants to dispute it, they can contact me and perhaps I’ll get my feedback. And by the way, BrainLAB, my old company had their video conferencing over 10 years ago. It’s really not all that.

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