working for brookdale

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janie in Jacksonville, Florida

122 months ago

anny in Jacksonville, Florida said: BE CAREFUL OF THE ATRIUM AS A DON....

I have a friend who worked for them. She was giving them her resignation at close of work and they termed her. They are a very DANGEROUS group of people at that facility. Physically, mentally, culturally and socially. Management from the corporate arena is incapable of making any decisions and expect the staff to work without the resources.

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angel in Jacksonville, Florida

121 months ago

the atrium is a joke. the people that live there are treated bad they are yelled at and belittled by the staff. the don makes excuses for this or covers it up. if you have a heart look elsewhere for a job. beward of the management team they smile to your face with a hatchet behind their back. the only good thing about the facility is the apperance, it is a beautiful place and the residents are great. oh yeah since brookdale owns most facilities now if you quit they will mark you are not eligible for rehire so you have a hard time finding a job.

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Joey B in Tampa, Florida

120 months ago

You are so right about how Brookdale treats their employees -- the company is a is a joke...and it is such a shame that they have pissed away so many chances to staff their communities with qualified, caring professionals.....

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Lee65 in Florida

117 months ago

Run from this company as fast as you can while you still have a license. No support or resources from management or the company but when things go wrong it is the culture for it to be the fault of the poor nurse who carries the only license in the building. Everything you read about the stock or their new building take overs, culture, is so true. I wish I would have known before now.

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canta in East Rochester, New York

116 months ago

hello with plan to move to augustine wich brookdale is more close?


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Maxx in Port Charlotte, Florida

114 months ago

Anyone have experience with RDO for southwest Florida? Ex-ED blamed her for everything nasty. People would tremble at mention of her name. My "partner" abandoned me during dire period of abusive behaviors for fear of her own job security. What is with this???

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witchofwindsor57 in Kansas City, Missouri

21 months ago

Horrible, duplicitous company....peopled with liars, cheats, and frauds....

One year, at FOXWOOD SPRINGS, in Raymore, Missouri, was too much...

Fired, on trumped-up charges, to protect an abusive "favorite" of the DON...!!! This horrid woman tried to get my charge nurse to sign fraudulent occurence papers against me, but she refused.... The charge nurse was suspended, for a week...!!!

I am fortunate to have escaped, with my license...

TRUE STORY: (I swear it)

My very first night, at the Atriums dementia area, shocked me so deeply,I should have realized that it encapsulated the work enviroment...

The (young female) CMT was laughing w/ another CNA, over an unconscious resident---in the extension area, of the Atriums... They called me into the room, and pulled back the resident's sheet to reveal her inverted bowel, lying extended, on the bed...

Only the nurse is allowed to take a warm cloth, and gently press the bowel back into place...

I turned to go get the nurse, and the laughing CMT said," Wait a minute, I want to show my boyfriend what I have to tolerate...!"

And, in violation of all decency---AND HIPPA regulations---the CMT TOOK PICTURES OF THE RESIDENT'S BOWELS AND BUTTOCKS...!!!!! Then, sent the photo to her boyfriend..

I cried and cried, in the bathroom....The violation and cruelty toward a poor, dying, unconscious elderly woman absolutely overwhelmed me...

Like a coward, I did not "snitch," because it would ruin me with the staff...

I hated myself, and the job, too...

Keep your honest heart, and your dignity....


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NB in Texas

10 months ago

I let my ED know I was leaving the facility due to staffing issues being more important then residents the ED wished me well now I'm not rehirable at a facility I would be more comfortable I seen eplicit pictures of my ED private area being sent to one of my coworkers phone which really made me uncomfortable

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Neice Harrison in Jacksonville, Florida

2 months ago

I got fired from Jacksonville patient because they lied and believed a patient with dementia

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