Caregivers America Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Caregivers America?

What do you like best about working at Caregivers America? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

employee in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania

25 months ago

The starting pay is not much for the work and it seems that all caregivers ,despite more experience ,make about the same.Pay rate is the same no matter what shift or hours you work or how much care the client requires.
Caregivers do not get any bonuses that i am aware of.
Benefits available at your expense i believe.
Travel is not bad for you can pick what area to work in and stay local to your home but that also means they may not have any clients available and you may end up with little to no hours.
No great perks or special treats for employees.

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