Need to know whether the mail id was fake or correct

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vijay,India in Tritala, India

26 months ago


This is vijay, kindly help me out with this. I got one mail regarding a career-jobs which was attached with small HR questioniare and a personnal details form which was filled and forwarded to them with undersign. finally i got an appointment letter with a designation as junior mechanical engineer in cargill company from mail ID adressed by William A Buckner Senior Vice president as
William A. Buckner
Senior Vice President
Cargill Corporate Human Resources
© Corporate Headquarters Cargill Company USA
please help me out with this. If it is not fake means i dont want to loose the opportunity.

Thanks & Regards,

Anoop.M in Kollam, India

26 months ago

Me too got the same mail.In the appointment letter they are saying to join on or before 1st may.


26 months ago

Now i am sure its fake. i was not sure because no one has asked for money. Now when this embassy person is asking for 25K i am sure its fake.

akhil2get in Bangalore, India

25 months ago

Its a fake one. I had caleed the US embassy in INDIA n spoke to them n thy said tht its a completely fake one where thy ask us to handle all the visa charges ourselves and thy take money from us for the visa approval n later thy never show up.. Be careful friends.

Chandra in Erode, India

23 months ago


I am also received the same letters from cargill.

William A. Buckner
Senior Vice President
Cargill Corporate Human Resources
© Corporate Headquarters Cargill Company USA.

B in Jersey City, New Jersey

22 months ago

•Let me begin with the most suspicious part – No company will ever send you a word document especially when they are offering a job. Remember this – if it’s not on a letterhead, it’s not official.
•The grammar, sentence structure CLEARLY suggests that it’s written by someone whose first language was not English. (eg. On the first page, the first few lines of the paragraph that starts with However is complete non-sense. I can guess. whoever wrote this did not pay attention when his English teacher was teaching grammar)
•Look closely at the English in the word doc. I wanted to list out all the blunders but there are so many that I dint knew where to start)
•“Encored”…..what does that mean ???
•I have worked with A LOT of Americans, no one ever says 7,500 Dollars. It should be $7500.
•Any official who is directly or indirectly working for a government department will never give his/her mobile number.
•The US Embassy timings are not 09.00 to 05.00.
•The person who wrote this letter might have never seen an official letter. Poor chap.
•August 13th ?? Seriously ?? Common man, a new job starts on a Monday.
•What does monthly salary and annual salary “takes” home mean ?
•“Working time ??”, “Startup date” which language is this ?
•“You are entitled to 1 month Paid Leave which can be taken once at a time or 2 weeks apart from one different period” – can someone explain what this means ?
•“I shall inform you if there is any other documents you are to produce before the Visa officials in the absent of the documents your employer has sent on your behalf and the ones you are to produce below.” – This sentence is enough to prove that this is written by someone who did not get thru the high school.
•There is a reference of “Xerox Copy”. The last time I checked, its called “Photo Copy” and not Xerox Copy.
•Does it take only 7 working days to get the VISA ?? Might be, if we apply for a visa for Bhutan.

Kiruba shankar in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

10 months ago

Gotta a mail from SPX corporation from similar content. They have sent questionnaire and contract agreement, which i stupidly believed and progressed for it and filled all. I searched for SPX scam mail and didnt get anything and proceeded, now again searched for US Immigration Attaché and found this webpage, and searched for chance brown mail and found this webpage

Been a fool over this, please people act over it.

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