Charter Communications is a Fraud

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So Sick of Charter in Birmingham, Alabama

90 months ago

I've had 156 service calls to charter in 4 years. I've caught [name removed](supervisor for charter escalation) in 4 lies. I have not had more than 20 days of uninterrupted service. Charter is charging me for service calls and refusing to credit my bill for errors. [name removed] closed my complaint with the Better Business Bureau because she said she "Didn't want the extra paperwork". I reopened the case and the Better Business Bureau said Charter was being uncooperative. I've writtend the board of directors 8 certified letters. I did not receive a response from any of them. Charter Corporate office froze my account (after my letters were sent) and told the billing office not to credit my bills...even if they were incorrect. Name Removed] will not give me another contact other than herself and she has not returned my last 16 phone calls. I've filed complaints with the Attorney General's office in 3 states. I've filed with the Public Service Commission in 2 states. I've spoken to our local State Representative who agrees "Charter is a disgrace". He told Charter's lobbyist they would never get anything from our legislature again. However, our State Rep says we must go through our city council members to ensure the cities do not reinstate the Charter contracts. This company is the most fraudulent company I've ever encountered. Their tech support told me I should be happy that my internet worked 82% of the time last month. Doesn't their advertisment say "Fast, Reliable 24/7?"
This company is corrupt from the top to bottom. The fact is...they do not care. Their employees will laugh in your face because we are forced to do business with such disgusting lying thieves.

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GUS in Rochester, Minnesota

88 months ago

Charter Cable fires Gay people and then cover it up with lies. They also fight unemployments so they don't have to pay out any. [Name removed] is a Director of the Rochester, Minnesota call center and she is Homophobic. I know for a fact that she has fired to Gay men for being on the internet yet there is a Straight man who was caught by two Supervisor who was watching porn on his work computer and still work for the call center with no correction action taken on him. With the laws the way they are in Minnesota you can be fired for any reason it seems. It is sad that company can get a way with this.

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Cam in London, Ontario

87 months ago

I worked for Charter and they DEFINITELY don't fire gays for being gay. I was actually caught off guard by the number of gays in the workplace (probably about 50/50).

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Wile E Coyote

86 months ago

Try eating a skinny roadrunner's dust cloud everyday...while falling off a cliff and landing to your death while a huge boulder crushes your dead skull...and this is a good day!

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Luke in Wisconsin

85 months ago

Charter Communications is completely screwed up when it comes to customer sevice. I had poor internet service, and when a tech finally came, he first cut a bunch of cables in the basement the landlord had installed so that the cable company could easily hook up people (this would be destruction of private property). I suspected that people were stealing cable, but he should have simply put a lock on the cable box. He then ran some diagnostics and told me it was all fixed. Had the same signal loss days later. Had more techs come and go over the course of a couple of years, and incurred a couple of service fees, which took many, many subsequent calls to eliminate (they told me initially I would not be charged for a signal problem). I was also called by one of their tedious recordings (which asks you to call charter right away, only to be on hold for 10 minutes and then the operator answering asks why YOU are calling) and told that my account was overdue when I was specifically told by (name removed) that I did not need to pay the current bill until after the tech fixed my problem (as I would be cancelling if they did not) The last time they came, they guy actually took some time to climb the pole outside and replace a 20 year old line, and things seemed fixed (about 3 weeks ago), I then called Charter and asked for some credit for well over 8 months of having no signal. They seemed reluctant and I said that I am not paying for what I haven't received and that I would be filing a complaint with the Department of Consumer Protection and the BBB. Charter then credited my account for 5 stinking months for internet only (even though I pay for expanded basic-which was working properly either). I decided I was through with charter, and it took approximately 15 phone calls to cancel, the first of which a supervisor told me that someone would call me back (never happened obviously). They also told me that my wife had to close the account, even though I opened it!

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Chris G in Pfafftown, North Carolina

13 months ago

Canceled service with Charter in person, at the local office, of my previous residence. I had a final bill of about $70. I am moving back to the area about a month later to discover they have continued to charge me for service well into the current month, and even though my last bill is right at two weeks old, they have immediately shipped my account off to collections, removing their ability to adjust the bill or correct the termination time.

Customer service has been unhelpful and I caught them in a lie on chat, saying my termination was on 6/29, then saying it was 7/ is currently 7/28.

I have had experience with Charter and fraudulent billing before and it took moving heaven and earth to get it fixed.

I am going to investigate contacting a lawyer as I have a carbon copy as proof of my termination date and return of equipment.

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