Now I understand why.

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Laughing in Trenton, Illinois

120 months ago

Recently, I went on an interview for a service position with Charter. The interviewer was 20 minutes late and the receptionist was very rude and unprofessional. I started to just leave after 15 minutes but decided to amuse myself by watching this company in action. The interview focused on customer service and how great Charter is in this area. It was very hard for me to keep from cracking up in front of them. I have Charter services at home so I know how unprofessional they are most of the time. After half way through the interview, another supervisor came in and looked like his Charter uniform had not be washed in a month. He ask me if I knew the current stock price and I sayed no. He seemed to hung up on the stock price and how a recent interviewee knew the stock price. He tried to act intellegent but he fooled no one because his true character showed his lack of professionalism. I disliked Charter before I went on this interview but could never really put my finger on the reason. Now I know. Charter and its employees are very unprofessional and do not care about customers. After dealing with the receptionist and the supervisors, I decided to stop my Charter services and go to directTv. Now I truly understand why Charter has the reputation that they do.

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lolololo in Grafton, Massachusetts

119 months ago

Welcome to the crew. I did almost the same thing. Went on an interview because their packages stink. I have direct TV, VOIP phone and Verizon Fios Internet...which is FAAARRR more advanced than theirs... all in all it is much Cheaper and better service. I let them know this in my interview when they asked me specifically if I had their service. What I wanted to say is I am not stupid. What a rip off company.

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Elmer Fudd

118 months ago

They weally, weally need an attitude adjustment. I'll git waskal wabbit! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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