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What do you think - will Ciee grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does Ciee stack up against the competition?

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S Wheeler in Portland, Maine

33 months ago

Mass exodus at CIEE

Since the arrival of the new CIEE, Pellow, there has been high turnover, employee dissatisfaction on the rise and the general atmosphere of the company has become miserable. In the past few days more than half of the finance department has walked out - no doubt because of the insufferable environment being created by Pellow. When will it end? These people, our colleagues, will be missed and the we are wondering how we will hold together with no financial team. As an employee who loves the work we do at CIEE I am deeply concerned about the future of this organization under Pellow's leadership. After so many years with such a strong CEO, we are suffering under this administration. I am worried that there are more departures to come.

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33 months ago

Horrible environment! The entire team of accountants walking out is not a surprise. Not sure how they survived this long given the deteriorating culture of the place. Rumors are going around that more people will leave. Worried about the future of this organization under current leadership.

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Halie D in Chicago, Illinois

33 months ago

the comments by DG are accurate. as one of a long list of people forced out, fired or who left in disgust since the the new president took power, i think it is a shame that one of portland's best places to work is quickly becoming one of portland's worst. so many high quality committed people have left or are planning to leave and the collective response has been good riddance. rumors about people leaving aren't the only ones. questions about the new ceo abound and the staff have the feeling no one cares that the environment is worsening. fear of retribution from the top is palpable. don't dare disagree, you will be punished. if you are thinking about joining ciee, think again. ask around. do your homework. and then don't.

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