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Updated 6 days ago

Management Trainee - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="JJEJEE in Roswell, Georgia"]I had 4 interviews total: 1 with HR, 1 with Market Sales Manager, one with the General Manager and one with...


Updated 21 days ago

Cintas Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 274 Replies

I dont know if you get paid for a ride a long. I went on two with two different branches two months ago and I have not gotten paid.

Christopher whiting

Updated 1 month ago

How to get a job at Cintas. - 161 Replies

Joe it's not right and I'm sure you did impress him I'm not talking bad about the company but it's not right don't have people go through all of that...


Updated 1 month ago

Management Trainee Program... - 4 Replies

Depends on location. 35000 to 45000 typically


Updated 2 months ago

stuck wondering... - 1 Reply

I worked for Cinats, in the Fire Protection Division. Their interview process is amazingly quick, but after that, it's painstakingly slow. I killed...


Updated 2 months ago

My recent experience interviewing with Cintas (outside sales) - 6 Replies

I've been thru the Cintas interview process, took the assessment test and did the ride along. I feel like every interview went great, already know I... in Southfield, Michigan

Updated 4 months ago

Shifts - 1 Reply

Does anyone have the information on Cintas Document Management Division in Dayton, Ohio for what there shift time hours are supposed to outlined as....

indhelp in Jefferson City, Tennessee

Does anyone have Facility Service Sales Rep position or had one

In current interview process for this position. I have read some horror stories, but i have also heard success stories. All are some what outdated....

rlj626 in dayton, Ohio

Updated 7 months ago

interviews at cintas - 41 Replies

I interviewed for a route sales position in July. I felt more like I was being interogated than interviewed. It was the hardest interview I've...

Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York

Updated 9 months ago

Cintas CEO Scott Farmer - Honesty and Integrity - 6 Replies

Cintas CEO, Scott Farmer, speaking about the core values and ethics practiced at Cintas.


Next step after interview

What is the next step that they take at Cintas after you take the on site assessment, and have an interview? How long does it generally take after...

Themainevent in Killeen, Texas

Drug tests

How often does Cintas require drug tests? I know there will be one at the beginning of the job, but is this the only one you will need to take? Can...

tutty311 in Canton, Ohio

Updated 12 months ago


For any future employee of Cintas, please read all of the posts. You will see there are more negative reasons NOT to be employed by Cintas, than...


Updated 13 months ago

Cintas - Outside Sales - Take a hard look... - 1 Reply

Cintas is a VERY regimented company - almost in a military style fashion. They are also extremely conservative with their policies and procedures....


Updated 13 months ago

What's the company culture at Cintas? - 8 Replies

Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Cintas? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and...

Joe Gagill in Wurtsboro, New York

Updated 23 months ago

Vacation time for Service Managers - 1 Reply

I know that Service Managers get 1 week vacation after 6 months and then 2 weeks vacation after 1 year. Does anyone know when the next bump in...

Retro in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Updated 24 months ago

Cintas Background Check - 1 Reply

Does anyone know what the Cintas policy is related to past criminal convictions (e.g. policy does not allow hiring of any felonies, does not allow...

JoJo in London, Ontario

Management Trainee Program

I was recently contacted for a screening phone interview for this position. Still waiting to hear back from Cintas. There isn't too much...

STLguy in st.louis, Missouri

Assistant Service Sales Representative - Facility Services PAY? GOOD JOB?

Hey guys I am thinking of starting with Cintas. How's the pay for the assistant SSR? How's the job? Any room to advance to a SSR? Thanks

drew46835 in Cape Coral, Florida

Cintas Sales Numbers ( Please Help)

Whats considered top sales numbers at Cintas? On the the uniform side ? Please break this down

drew46835 in Cape Coral, Florida

How a Cintas Sales Rep is paid

Ok, so I'm gonna apply to this Cintas Career for the Uniform side. How am I paid? can someone break down this? (in detail) Base plus ???? ...


What is Cintas' IT department like in Mason, Ohio?

I am being recruited for a position in their IT department in Mason, OH. I hear everyone has to wear white shirts and ties, is this true? They are...

Anonymous Smith in anywhere, American Samoa

Updated 41 months ago

Cintas News and Happenings. - 6 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Solar_Biscuit in Reno, Nevada

Updated 41 months ago

Does anyone else know of companies who have similar illegal things going on right under their nose? - 1 Reply

After reading all of these comments, does anyone have any similar experiences???1) Sabotage of work2) Constructive dismissal3) Harrassement of... in Mocksville, North Carolina

Updated 44 months ago

How long before they respond? - 5 Replies

I just put in my application...... How long did it take for some of you to get a response back?

big10 in Hendersonville, Tennessee

Updated 53 months ago

Sales Aptitude Test - 2 Replies

I am going through the interview process with Cintas and I am now preparing to take the "Sales Aptitude Test"...anyone have experience, advice,...

CollegeGrad412 in Lufkin, Texas

Rental Sales Trainee at Cintas

Does anyone know around how much a rental sales trainee with a degree should make in Texas? I'm also confused about the actual position, like what...

Zeusfire69 in Arvada, Colorado

Updated 54 months ago

Cintas-New Employees - 1 Reply

Hi Guys, I've read so many comments and actually they're a bit scary. I'm just starting the interviewing process and I'm curious what I'm up...

jlg536 in Tampa, Florida

Unfair wages

I work for the Document Management division and it is ridiculous what Cintas pays the most profitable division. I have always been told that Cintas...

stretch77 in San Marcos, California

Updated 55 months ago

Paid Time Off (PTO) Cash out through Cintas - 1 Reply

I am currently working at Cintas and i was trying to Acquire some information on the payout of vacation time as well as sick days.. I looked in the...

TimmyT in Kingsburg, California

Updated 55 months ago

A New Beginning - 1 Reply

My Mission: After fourteen years of dedicated and fulfilling service as a police officer with the City of Kaukauna, I desire to seek employment...

Quintin Jackson in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 59 months ago

Considering employment with Cintas? I'd Reconsider! - 3 Replies

For all the posters complaining about how Cintas has shortchanged them, well there's a reason. Cintas has a long history of mistreating employees....

Behind the wheel in Chicopee, Massachusetts




Average salary including base, bonuses, stocks, etc of a General Manager (GM) at a Distribution Center

What is the average salary of a Service Manager and a GM at a Distribution Center? I'm in the process of looking at CINTAS and was wondering what...

Mr_Roboto in Bowmansville, New York

Updated 63 months ago

My Experience with Cintas - 2 Replies

So I went to a job fair in Buffalo back in January, and Cintas was one of the companies there. I dropped off my resume, and eventually forgot all...

Employee21 in Plymouth, Minnesota

Updated 66 months ago

Cintas in Maple Grove - 1 Reply

I have done a little research and read all your comments about the plant in Maple Grove. I am going to interview for a linen/bulk folder. I would...

Guest in Phoenix, Arizona

Does Cintas Do Much Community Service Work?

I currently am working for another company right now, but am not too happy. I was looking at Cintas. Does anyone know if they do a lot of community...

Alicia Bourne in Portland, Oregon

How much does an SSR assistant start out at after training? Also, how long does it take to receive benefits and such?

I live in the pacific northwest so I know that pay varies state to state. I was also wondering if it is hard to get desk jobs at Cintas. I was...

drg in greensboro, North Carolina

How to get in to Cintas

For those of you who currently work with cintas, my husband has been trying to get a ssr position for two years now. What kind of experience do you...

Don Dulah in Akron, Ohio

Updated 75 months ago

Union - 3 Replies

Yeah-2gether we are trying to form a union here in Toledo ohio-306. We are being hired one by one. They started with our leader. We still have great...

NYer for Life in Danbury, Connecticut

Updated 75 months ago

Uniform and Facility Services Service Training Coordinator - 1 Reply

This question is for the HR representative. Could you please provide some information on what the Uniform and Facility Services Service Training...

Alex Schutte in Mason, Ohio

Cintas Employee Interviews Part 3

Alex Schutte in Mason, Ohio

Cintas Employee Interviews Part 2

Alex Schutte in Mason, Ohio

Cintas Times Square Ad

An ad for Cintas Corporation's catalog, The Big Book, which features fashion uniforms and tailored fashion apparel for high-end brands. This Cintas...

Alex Schutte in Mason, Ohio

Cintas Employee Interviews Part 1

Interviews from Cintas employee-partners.

Joedoe in Toledo, Ohio

Updated 75 months ago

Psychopaths - 2 Replies

Unfortunately, Cintas has a psychopath employed as their Stockroom Team Lead in one of their Minnesota locations. She charms and manipulates...

destiny in Toledo, Ohio

pay per hour

I was wondering how much do you get paid per hour in shipping and receiving

Bendover Buns Varp in chicago, Illinois

Looking fer werk

Iz ther anY jobs inn Cintaz that i cold do? I came her from Russia and hav lotts of experienze in preducton werk.

Wondering Wanda in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 76 months ago

Boot Camp - 1 Reply

If you want to work here, be prepared. You might be spied on, harrassed, tattled on, lied about... I saw my 40+ year-old supervisor spy on numerous...

Wondering Wanda in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 76 months ago

Cintas Management=Bad Attitude (Maple Grove, MN) - 1 Reply

I worked at the Cintas in Maple Grove, MN several months and wisely decided to leave. Why? Because I can't stand people with BAD ATTITUDES,...

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