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Joedoe in Toledo, Ohio

Updated 112 months ago

Psychopaths - 2 Replies

Unfortunately, Cintas has a psychopath employed as their Stockroom Team Lead in one of their Minnesota locations. She charms and manipulates...

destiny in Toledo, Ohio

pay per hour

I was wondering how much do you get paid per hour in shipping and receiving

Bendover Buns Varp in chicago, Illinois

Looking fer werk

Iz ther anY jobs inn Cintaz that i cold do? I came her from Russia and hav lotts of experienze in preducton werk.

Wondering Wanda in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 113 months ago

Boot Camp - 1 Reply

If you want to work here, be prepared. You might be spied on, harrassed, tattled on, lied about... I saw my 40+ year-old supervisor spy on numerous...

Wondering Wanda in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 113 months ago

Cintas Management=Bad Attitude (Maple Grove, MN) - 1 Reply

I worked at the Cintas in Maple Grove, MN several months and wisely decided to leave. Why? Because I can't stand people with BAD ATTITUDES,...

Wondering Wanda in Saint Paul, Minnesota

***Cintas is Anti-Union for a Reason***

I saw it all, before they wrongfully fired me. They made up annoying rules to affect employees they wanted out, knowing that these new rules would...

Wondering Wanda in Saint Paul, Minnesota

.13 Cent Raise!

Before I was fired from Cintas for being accused of measuring pants wrong (really, it was because I had taken a leave of absence for a sprained...

Wondering Wanda in Saint Paul, Minnesota

I went on a leave of absence for an injury and then was "let go" when I returned. Coincidence???

I sprained my ankle and decied to take a leave of absence, which was approved. All went well and my injury healed. Unfortunately, when I returned...

damien j in Minneapolis, Minnesota

POORLY Managed Company

By the first day I had worked there, I had had over three co-workers complaining to me about the bad management. I was highly disappointed, as I...

Jill R in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 114 months ago

What is Management Like Here? - 2 Replies

I would like to get a sense of the corporate culture, as I am thinking of applying for a sales job. Can you tell me more? Thanks

Jill R in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Discrimination and Harrassement

I worked there for over three years. Cintas seemed to be the type of place where if you didn't have the type of personality that they were looking...

Will 19 in Charleston, West Virginia

Illegal Interview Questions

When I went in for an interview to work in the plant last week, the manager asked me how old I was. He then continued on to say, you look really...

Angry Ex Employee in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Constructive Dismissal of Employee with Child to Take Care of

It blows my mind how any company can treat multiple employees in such an unlawfull manner, and get away with it. Clearly, there is something else...

Anonymous 11 in Charleston, South Carolina

Cintas sounds like they need different management.

I keep seeing bad comments on here and I'm believing them, as they are so in-depth and detailed. As someone as mentioned, "it's too bad, what gets...

linkay30 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 115 months ago

I Like Working Here - 1 Reply

Personally, I like Cintas... I am treated very well here, moreso than other employees. I can totally understand why some would be upset, though....

ben 123 in new york, New York

Cintas Has A Long History of Messing Up Their Employees Lives

Just google it under "cintas harassement" or "forbes cintas".

sara s in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 115 months ago

Cintas Will Scr*w You Over Too, Just Like They Did To Me - 2 Replies

From day one, I was being harassed. They, Te*ri S*lix and T*m S*los, tried to get me to quit by putting the wrong emblems on garments and trying to...

John John in Charleston, South Carolina

This Place Seems Like A Real Joke

I applied for a position as an SSR. Someone called to set up an interview. I went to the interview and showed up on time. They were late. I waited...

Angela Jones 691 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Stockroom Team Lead in Maple Grove, MN

Does anyone know her? She gets away with virtually anything! I'm not sure if she's sleeping with somebody important within the company, but she...

Angela Jones 691 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am sick and tired of my supervisor always in my face and the team lead harassing my friend

The team lead called my friend a @#$@! and then claimed she was only joking... oh sure, I bet. Does anyone know the Stockroom Team Lead in Maple...

Angela Jones 691 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

This Company is Full of Bad People and Lots of Harrassement

The Stockroom Team Lead in Maple Grove, MN, T. S., was harassing a woman who I worked with on a consisten basis... Was management aware of this? Yes,...

Disgruntled Employee in Maple Grove, Minnesota

Sabotage of Work

Hello all... Has anyone every experienced what it feels like to have someone messing up your work...for example, deliberately messing up work in...

Angry Employee in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 115 months ago

Stockroom Utility - 1 Reply

What exactly is that job? what does it entail? what are its duties? the pay? i'm thinking of applying but the description is kinda vague. would like...

Very Angry Employee in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bad Supervisor

I work at Cintas in Maple Grove, MN, where I am treated very unfairly by my "supervisor". Whenever I fall behind for whatever reason, for example,...

maxarah in Charlotte, North Carolina

Company Has Different Rules for Everyone...

I had worked there for about two months. I knew I wanted to take a vacation that summer, but I wouldn't have earned my week of paid vacation time...

AngelaJon in Chicago, Illinois

Bad Management

I didn't like this company, either. I liked my job, but I didn't like the management there, which is why I left. They seemed entirely unaware of...

Anonymous2000 in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 116 months ago

Cintas Interview Questions. - 3 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

AshleyAshley in San Francisco, California

Bad Company

I worked at Cintas for a while and can definetly relate to these posts. However it happened, I don't know...but my supervisor decided I was going to...

BrandonJame in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 116 months ago

cintas carelessness resulted in sickened employees then they tried to cover it up - 1 Reply

I was doing research on them and found that at their facilities cintas was irresponsible in providing proper safety equipment which resulted in the...

Sammy12 in Charleston, South Carolina

Updated 117 months ago

Svc Supervisor Position - 1 Reply

I interviewed for this position a week ago. My last position of 4 years was almost a duplicate of this job. I was spot on with all of my...

Sammy12 in Charleston, South Carolina

You don't want to work here.

I worked at Cintas for two years in the plant. If you work in the plant at Cintas, be carefull. While I worked there, I was hit on my my boss...

Shawmicheal Thomas in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Updated 122 months ago

Job search closer to home. - 1 Reply

Have been trying to apply for a job in Frederick with your company I"m having trouble with computer and can"t seem to get it to go through, Would...

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