My recent experience interviewing with Cintas (outside sales)

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Titus Pullo in Brandon, Mississippi

89 months ago

I will try to be as unbiased as possible...

I have been self-employed for 12 years, right out of college. I operated a successful home-based business for 11 years and for the last year I have consulted c-level execs on behalf of an engineering firm on a contract basis. I, like many candidates, have heard about Cintas' reputation for having an excellent training program. That, combined with high earning potential, is what attracted me to Cintas.

I began interviewing with Cintas in late 2008. They have a six-interview process. Just about all of the questions are scripted behavioral and/or situational questions. I interviewed five times over a six-week period. Two interviews with the sales manager in doc mgmt, two with the sales manager in first aid, and the 5th one with a regional manager. I felt, and was told, that I interviewed very well. I left each interview, particularly the last one, very confident. I also asked at the end of each interview if the interviewer had any reservations about me being successful with Cintas. And I asked if there was any reason that they wouldn't feel comfortable moving me on to the next interview. I was given the vote of confidence after each one. After interview 5, I was told to call the doc mgmt manager (who I had actually already had two interviews and two additional conversations with) and schedule the 6th interview with a big dog (don't remember his position) from out of state. I called and left a message. I called two days later and left another message. I called two or three days later and left a third message. That same afternoon I received in the mail a form letter stating that I was not selected. That's it. After six weeks of interviewing, no explanation, no phone call, no email. I guess that's why I didn't get a return call, because the woman I had 4 interviews/conversations with preferred to wait for me to receive an unsigned form letter.

(continued in next reply...)

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Titus Pullo in Brandon, Mississippi

89 months ago


Fast forward to two weeks ago. I have since moved out of state for my fiance's job promotion/transfer. Well I applied to Cintas again. I was called immediately to come in and interview. I explained on the phone that I had interviewed five times at another location and was told that was not a problem.

I interviewed with the HR manager and she moved me on to the uniform sales manager. Once again, I felt I interviewed very well. And I asked again whether or not he had any reservations about moving me forward or about me being successful in a sales position with Cintas. His response was "Right now I can't think of any reasons and I would like to move you on the the G.M." He told me to wait for the HR manager to call me. I of course asked if I should call her to schedule. "No, just wait for her to call" (the kiss of death). Of course no call. I left two messages and sent two emails. No replies. Yesterday I received an email from HR stating that I had not been selected. No name on the email, no phone call, no personal contact whatsoever.

So after seven total Cintas interviews, my question is who are these people that will blatantly lie to my face just so they don't have to explain that I am not a good fit? If I was in their shoes, my comment would be "We have a lot of other candidates to consider before we decide who we want to move on to the next interview stage". Simple, honest, not misleading in any way. And if I had to reject a candidate, I would call them (like the other two companies I interviewed with) and explain that "you don't have the background we are looking for" or "we discovered another candidate that we feel is too strong to pass up". Anything but a form letter.

I get it, I am not what Cintas is looking for. I'm not upset about that because they obviously have a very distinct candidate that they are looking for, which means I probably wouldn't be a good fit anyway. But have some common courtesy.

(sorry for the novel!)

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Titus Pullo in Brandon, Mississippi

89 months ago

P.S. I really don't have an opinion on all of the negative Cintas comments on here (and there are a lot). But after reading all of them, I can at least tell myself that I probably wouldn't have liked working there anyway.

(I'm really finished writing this time)

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JackRabbit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

88 months ago

I was filling application out when a HR group walked past me bragging how they had one candidate crying.

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86 months ago

Everything on this forum about Cintas is true. The company can't be all that!

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B in Tulsa, Oklahoma

27 months ago

I interviewed with Cintas for a new position in Tulsa. I found the interviewer's were polite,courteous and followed up with my process when they said they would. I now work for Cintas and having worked in the family owned businesses where my salary and commission changed 4 times in one year, I truly enjoy the security of knowing that I will be paid what was agreed on and appreciated for all my work that I am doing to provide good customer service.

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amibeingblackballed in Nowhere

26 months ago

I've been thru the Cintas interview process, took the assessment test and did the ride along. I feel like every interview went great, already know I passed the assessment test and my ride along was awesome. Early in the day I had the hang on things and was actually servicing customers along side the guy I was riding with. I had also applied for Sanis and never got an interview for that position and received a rejection email but no word on the Cintas side. They said they'd let me know in a week and I haven't heard a word and they just relisted the same position, same number and all. They did tell me they were looking to hire a few but now I'm stuck thinking that my previous employer said negative untrue things about me. This waiting is killing me.

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Daniel Campos in Chula Vista, California

21 months ago

How's the assessment test deal is hard

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