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roxys in Minneapolis, Minnesota

104 months ago

Unfortunately, Cintas has a psychopath employed as their Stockroom Team Lead in one of their Minnesota locations. She charms and manipulates management and anyone else who is "important" within the organization, while manipulating the first-shift supervisor for covering up for her unnacceptable behavior. If only management knew what was going on within their company. Anyone who can see through these types of people would be scared away from the company. She is also most likely the source of much of the problems these types of people tend to not care about their jobs, instead tending to blame their mistakes on others. They all say the same things about her...she can't accept any responsibility...she misses work an average of three days per month, as well as doing many more questionable things. There have been well over five people who have been scared away from the company because of this woman. She is making the company look bad... Does anyone have any similar stories?

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deepseafishing in chicago, Illinois

104 months ago

I have had a similar experience. A couple of years ago, I was employed in Human Resources at Target. Several months into my job, I began recieving complaints from management about one of their employees. Apparently, they had an employee who was a troublemaker. Management told me that this woman was constantly complaing about other employees, lying, skipping work, and just generally being a pain to deal with. Apparently, they had caught this employee in several lies before and were scared to deal with her themselves. Finally, we caught this employee stealing while on the job, so we were conveniently able to rid ourselves of this troublemaker. I have dealt with all types of people during my career, but there are no types I dread dealing with more than those I suspect to be either troubled or psycopaths. You don't want to cross these types, as they can be very sneaky and manipulative. They are capable of fooling many people and doing much damage, as they don't have a conscience.

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Joedoe in Toledo, Ohio

101 months ago

It must be going around our psycho is named phil in toledo ohio! he got a promotion!

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