Avoid This Scam Clearwire Dealer Website

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ElenaLT in Fremont, California

123 months ago

Be careful when shopping online for this service! There is a very sneaky company called "clearwireagent.com" selling Clearwire online. They use and unauthorized and home made Clearwire logo and they are one of those spammers that try to bedazzle you with the promise of a free "refurbished" ipod shuffle. (Good luck getting that piece of crap.) The "whois" registry information lists the owner as Susan Van Daveer in Redmond, WA. However you will NOT find that information ANYWHERE on that website. They totally mislead you into thinking your are buying directly from Clearwire. Even though you provide a social security number and credit card number, "Susan Van Daveer" never discloses her true identity, business address, or local phone number. Who knows what could happen? Customers don't know her. Customers don't know who her employees are. Customers don't know who sees their private information. And guess what, if something bad happens, she won't worry about culpablity. With no name or address to complain to, she's in the clear. This website is a cheap cut and paste knock off of the corporate site. Give an amateur access to Google adwords and a web design template and “POOF!”, they think they are instant dot com’ers.

In addition to their other problems, Clearwire really needs to crack down on this.

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bluedoc in Tacoma, Washington

106 months ago

Its not that website everyone needs to look out for.......EVERYONE needs to AVOID Clearwire itself, their horrible product and also avoid getting a job there.

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Morgan Campbell in Huntley, Illinois

91 months ago

It's true. Clear or Clearwire is by far the WORST company anyone can go to. Not only for service, but also for the way they 'turn and burn' their managers! They hired top level Sprint retail managers with long and highly respected careers with the promise of a HUGE paycheck, require ovver 100%+ production in non-coverage areas and then fire them before 90 days saying that even though they produced at or above the level they were asked, they weren't good enough. They have spotty, unauthorized 'patches' through other companies and are terrible to their customers and employees.


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