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Nick in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 52 months ago

Did I get the job ? - 2 Replies

I recently applied for a Tech position within Comcast. After the initial group interview, I was called for a individual interview with some of the...

steph1722 in Kennesaw, Georgia

Will comcast still hire you if you have a misdemeanor on your record?

A friend of mine is going to take the first test soon for Communication Technician 1. He has a misdemeanor from 7 years ago can he still get the jobs.

gmgiuffre in Stockton, California

Updated 53 months ago

I have a Interview.... Today! - 1 Reply

What should i know about the interview? Can anyone help me? I have 4 hours.

Haze85 in Southfield, Michigan

Updated 55 months ago

When do Benefits start... - 1 Reply

I got hired as a Winback Sales Representative does anyone know when an employee's health benefits start?

Howard Skyvision in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 55 months ago

Comcast News and Happenings. - 8 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Lynkz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 59 months ago

MVR minimum requirements for Communications Tech I? - 3 Replies

I just got offered a job as a communications technician for comcast, and i am pretty worried about the background check. I have had 2 moving...

HD in Mount Prospect, Illinois

Does taking the assessment test apply to marketing positions?

Hi, I am about to be interviewed for a marketing position and was wondering if the assessment test I keep reading about will apply to hiring for a...

UncleDamfee in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 62 months ago

Anyone know how often Comcast University sessions start? - 2 Replies

I thought I was going to start soon, but my background check isn't going to make it in time. How long would I have to wait until the next session?

pandas31 in Chicago, Illinois

How to find out if I got the job.

Hi I just had an interview at Comcast on Friday for a warehouse rep. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it will take to find out if I got the...

Etacovda_08 in Nashville, Tennessee

B2B Sales Agent - Interview questions

Does anyone know what type of questions are asked for the sales or B2B sales Comcast Positions?? Any information to help would be appreciated, thanks

Cy85AZ in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 63 months ago

Getting hired with a DWI - 1 Reply

I am interviewing for a Sales Executive and Account Manager position at Comcast and was told that I will get a conditional offer letter pending a...

FRedlinWetworksEntertainment in Orange, California

Updated 64 months ago

Background check - 1 Reply

Have other people gone through background checks with Comcast and had them ask for your high school diploma? I wouldn't find it so strange if I...


Updated 64 months ago

Comcast drug test procedures? - 2 Replies

I think there are different laws for each state when it comes to drug testing. Here in Alabama they are only allowed to monitor you (for...

jbmckenzie in Huntsville, Alabama

Updated 64 months ago

What to wear for the assessment test? - 1 Reply

Are you expected to dress up for the assessment test or is it just casual wear? Also if anyone can explain the step by step process of the...

The Keeshond in Thompsons Station, Tennessee

Updated 64 months ago

Didn't pass and might get fired - 1 Reply

Hi, I am really depressed. I didn't pass the pole test and its my second time taking it. They are so strict but i know i can do it. What other job...

coolilboi in Oakland, California

Freaking out over comcast benefits

Okay so i selected me benefits but when i looked right now it said i wasn't covered for dental and vision. I did those at separate times then i did...

Opyh in Galveston, Texas

Updated 65 months ago

Outside Sales Residential - 1 Reply

I have just been offered a job with Comcast as an outside sales representative. This is a door to door residential sales job. It is not with a...

Franchisegarnett in Fair Oaks, California


I'm trying to apply for a job at but i keep this error screen anyone else getting this?

hello123 in Windsor, Ontario

Updated 66 months ago

New Password for test? - 1 Reply

I have seen a link to an assessment test here with the ID and Password but those no longer work. I am wondering if there is a new Password. Also is...

kaneohe_mcas in Concord, New Hampshire

Updated 68 months ago

Corporate Job Interview - 1 Reply

Hi, I just got done scheduling an interview for a marketing position at their corporate office in pittsburgh. Has anyone had any experience...

Joey in deepinahearta, Texas

Updated 69 months ago


I KNOW as an employee of comcast you get free cable and internet. Can anybody tell me what level of free cable you get? Is it the best digital cable...

Justryingtomakealivin in Centennial, Colorado

Updated 70 months ago

trucks or vans - 4 Replies

what kind of trucks or vans do the techs drive mostly

NofxMllncln in Chanhassen, Minnesota

Updated 71 months ago

Advice in Cable Installer career field; MN - 1 Reply

Well I just got back from my 6 months of training in Cable and Antenna Systems through the Air National Guard. I have training in many aspects of...

Weak4Weeks in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 71 months ago

What Do You Think? Should I show up? - 3 Replies

I dropped my resume off at a job fair at the beginning of June. Got a call back to take testing about a week and a half later. I passed the test and...

Charmed1 in Matteson, Illinois

Updated 72 months ago

Trying to send thank you letter. - 6 Replies

Would anyone know Maureen Cavanaugh's email address at comcast or suggestions on where to look tried google etc. I interviewed today and assumed it...

Christina Sims in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Updated 72 months ago

Comcast - 5 Replies

I interviewed with Comcast in their Alpharetta facility and the manager was rude. I was told by the recruiting agency that they were flexible with...

Proguy42 in New Castle, Pennsylvania

Revenue Assurance/Quality Control CAE Position?

Hi all, I am thinking about applying for this position at Comcast. Can anyone give me some insight as to exactly what this position is all about...

Joey in deepinahearta, Texas

Updated 74 months ago

Inbound Sales Rep. position - 4 Replies

Hi all, I just applied for an Inbound Sales Rep. position at a local call center. Does anyone know what this position pays and if there is much...

cjill in Paintsville, Kentucky

Updated 75 months ago

Benefits and Salery of an Avon Sales Representative - 1 Reply

I just became a Unit Leader with Avon. I make around $900.00 every two weeks with a sales team of 6. I am looking to increase my sales to become a...

Time4Change08 in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 75 months ago

From Resume 2 Interview - 1 Reply

Just had an interview with Comcast this week. Went pretty Good, i think. I interview with 3 different people. It was a little nerve racking. I sent a...

Curtis in Rohnert Park, California

Outside Residential Customer Service Representative

Can anyone tell me what this job entails and if the sales requirements are realistic and are most people making commissions. Is overtime...

Ryan Latta in Duluth, Minnesota

Who do you need to know to get an interview?

I have 4 years experience in the cable industry alone, everything from Installation, Service to Maintenance on the cable line. I'm not even getting a...

Katie in Wallingford, Pennsylvania

Personally contacting HQ re: an admin position

Hi everyone, I applied for a position with Comcast through their website about 3 weeks ago. It's an administrative position with FEARnet, located at...

lidia in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 78 months ago

JOBS - 10 Replies

Do these job even exsist????I applied for more then 20 jobs on this website but no response.

Marvin in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania

Updated 78 months ago

Pass/Fail Comcast Assement exam? - 2 Replies

I took the Comcast exam a week ago. How long does it take till they reply back if you pass or fail? Do they send you mail? Call you?

ex cmcsaer in South Bay, Florida

Updated 80 months ago

Tax Analyst - 3 Replies

Does anyone know what corporate in Philadelphia is like and wha the salary for a tax analyst is?

ex cmcsaer in South Bay, Florida

Updated 80 months ago

Comcast South Florida area - 4 Replies

There is a huge turnover in the South Florida market at Comcast. I worked there for almost a year and no one was happy. The corporate culture is...

laisa laid in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 81 months ago

Salary / Bonus - 1 Reply

***IF YOU CAN'T ANSWER THIS QUESTION PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ANY COMMENT AT ALL*** Hi all.. thank you for reading my post I was wondering could you...

Kelly Winters

Comcast offer vs. Another offer same day ! Help ! Opinions ?

I think I posted this in the wrong place the first time . I just got a job offer yesterday for entry level customer service. This is a later in life...

Ryan in Manchester, New Hampshire

Waiting for a testing date?

Two Mondays back I put in my resume' to Comcast's website, Tuesday morning I was called by an HR Rep. We spoke for roughly 25 minutes, normal...

Anonymous in Yuba City, California

Updated 83 months ago

test for customer services rep - 2 Replies

what is all on the test ? what kind of problems? how long is it? is it timed?

Thomas in Vineland, New Jersey

Updated 84 months ago

Comcast jobs in S.E. Pa/De area? - 10 Replies

Over the next few months I'm looking into being proactive about my job. The company I work for was sold and we may be loosing our jobs so I've been...

teresa harrison in Antioch, California

Updated 84 months ago

employment - 1 Reply

I would love to work for comcast in pittsburg california can you help me apply thanks

Joey in Houston, Texas

Updated 84 months ago

work - 1 Reply

looking for afternoon job to challange me

BrownEyed1 in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 84 months ago

tests - 1 Reply

Has anyone been asked their age on a comcast assessment test and what company administered your test was it Caliper?

Carla Anderson in Markham, Illinois

Updated 85 months ago

Background check - 1 Reply

I was offered a position at Comcast recently. I'm sure to pass the drug screening. I know however that they use a third party company to to an in...

Bernadette in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 85 months ago

Assesment Test - 1 Reply

i went in to take the assessment test and i failed. the lady told me that 50% who take it fail the first time. Well i answered it the best and most...

Felicia in Fairfield, California

Updated 86 months ago

Key words comcast uses to go thru resumes - 2 Replies

I have been trying since June of 2005 to get hired. I've attended every job fair in Beaverton Or / Portland and have 3 accounts online all up to date...

Comcast Interest in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Getting Worried

Well I'm a little worried, comcast always cliam they're hiring, and when you go through the process of filling out the app., and sending your resume...

Kim in San Leandro, California

Sacramento, CA Represent

I am considering positions in the Sacramento/Natomas area. I'd like to get some feedback on the office culture at that location. Can anyone speak...

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