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Saffron in Seattle, Washington

Updated 56 months ago

Lousy service,bad customer service and real a******* - 28 Replies

These ppl are the worst ever customer srvice ppl i have come across. Rude and high handed everyone representative opens a new rules book and gives...

Saffron in Seattle, Washington

Updated 56 months ago

Comcast CommTech 1 Assesment Test - 1 Reply

Took the CommTech 1 Online Assesment Test, which was mostly a personality assesment. Totally caught me off guard. I applied online directly...

hardworkingman629 in Antioch, Tennessee

Updated 58 months ago

What is the salary for Supervisor, Installation & Service position in comcast - 1 Reply

do they get paid hourly or salary? and how much?

Ekincaide in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 60 months ago

Comcast Master Control Operator for PAC-12 New network - 1 Reply

I have a phone interview and a test scheduled. Any tips or advice? I hope they offer corporate housing or travel assistance. The salary offer is...

phil in Englewood, Colorado

Updated 61 months ago

Zero Tolerance - 1 Reply

My husband has an interview on 4/13. The actual training starts on 5/07. My concern is our son graduates high school on 5/18. I was wondering would...

Oscar in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Comcast Interview and jobs.

Does Comcast let you know if they are proceeding with hiring and you are not what they are looking for?

nes in Memphis, Tennessee

Background check for Comcast

Does anyone know if comcast hire felons in their alpharetta call center?

judyjudyjudy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 64 months ago

How comcast fired me - 1 Reply

I been working for Comcast for 2 yrz and they fired me for being over on my register at the lobby i should have stayed in the call center where i was...

Peter NOTALOKA in Montclair, New Jersey



mau_245 in Petaluma, California

Comcast Lead Position Question

I have found an ad below and was wondering if anyone has worked in the Comcast sales position before. This means walking from door to door for leads....

Klowe in Salisbury, Maryland

Updated 67 months ago

App turned in-Had phone interview-had face2face..Question.. - 2 Replies

Hello I applied for a DSR position in Houston TX.I had the phone interview two days after I sent my resume.Week later I had a face to face...

Beth Stone in Puyallup, Washington

Updated 68 months ago

How long does it take to get hired at Comcast? - 5 Replies

I filled out an application online for a Customer Account Executive position on 7/6 and I received a phone call from someone in HR. They gave me a...

Brandon B in Flowood, Mississippi

Updated 68 months ago

Assessment Test for Comm Tech 1 - 2 Replies

Does anyone know the contents of the test and what it consists of. I have been studying adding , subtracting and multiplying fractions. Also I have...

lisacampbell in Canton, Michigan

Updated 69 months ago

Comcast interview - 1 Reply

i applied back in january of 07 and did not receive a call until march to take an assessment test the next day. they said they would call back to...

lisacampbell in Canton, Michigan

Comcast Background Check...possible error... PLEASE HELP!

This "waiting period" has me SO on edge. I was contacted by a HR Recruiter about a Technical Support Specialist position. I didn't have to go through...

earthenfirebrand in Eureka, California

4 year employee at local cable company w/ 8yr old dui. relocating to oregon

i have worked for my local cable company for the last four years. i have an 8 yr old misdemeanor dui. otherwise clean criminal record. excellent...

tina in Fremont, California

drug test passed, background check passed

Hello, I was schedule to start August 22, 2011 they called me August 16the and told me that Morgan hill call center business isn't going well so...

comebackkidd lewis in detroit, Michigan

Updated 70 months ago

asking almost all of the question in a interview? - 1 Reply

i just hade a interview with comcast, and they ask me like two question....then they ask me to you have any question about the day to day task is...

autricia in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Help! Interview coming up...

Hello, I have an interview next week at Comcast in Minnetonka, MN as a Coordinator in Product Sales. You can find the job description here on...


Updated 72 months ago

Comcast Hiring Process; background check; Need Help! - 3 Replies

I'm confused of the hiring process. So I had a face to face interview 4 days ago. The next day, the HR gave me a verbal offer contingent upon...

cttech in New York, New York

Com tech vs Prem Tech

Hey guys I've seen plenty of horror stories about prem techs at att so how is being a com tech at comcast? Are the schedules stable, is overtime...

dracutmom in Dracut, Massachusetts

Updated 75 months ago

Comcast work hours - 2 Replies

Hi all. I was just hired by Comcast as a CAE in Fla and my training class starts in 2 weeks. My only problem with the position is the hours. Does...

squib in Chicago, Illinois

Interview- Com Tech position

I had two supervisors interview me at once. They took turns asking questions that are company provided and then questions they had of their own. They...

danoct in Crown Point, Indiana

Updated 75 months ago

Comcast Tech 1 - Did you have experience when you got hired? - 1 Reply

I keep applying and applying for the communication tech 1 positions and never hear anything back. I have over 3 years of experience in the cable tv...

mcneal9926 in Portland, Oregon

Updated 76 months ago

Interview process - 4 Replies

i just had an interview today, and was told that there is an assessment next then another interview with a potential start date next month any ideas...

Smart Guy in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 77 months ago

Com Tech 1 - Apply now or when I graduate in four months? - 1 Reply

There is a com tech 1 position listing in my area, but I'm currently in school and will graduate in four months with BS in Computer Science. If I...

comebackkidd lewis in detroit, Michigan

Comcast interview

hello everyone i hade a inteview with comcast four days ago. it was funny because they ask me two question ....then they ask me do i have any...

Raining Again in Beaverton, Oregon

DMV violations that will prevent you from getting hired with COMCAST?

I want to apply for a Tech Position with COMCAST, in the Portland area, but I had a DWI 2 1/2 years ago in another state. No infractions since then...

samy racing in hollywood, Florida



gnew70 in La Marque, Texas

Business Services IP Support salary?

Does anyone know what the starting salary is for a Business Services IP Support?

Nerd-a-holic in Citrus Heights, California

Comcast automated interview

Has anyone had to complete an automated interview for a position at Comcast? If so, how long did it take before you received a response from the...

halnuaimi in Antioch, Tennessee

Updated 85 months ago

comcast assessment test , please help any advice, any web site to practice? - 1 Reply

comcast assessment test , please help any advice, any web site to practice


Updated 85 months ago

Probability of being hired (transfer) to another region - 2 Replies

I have applied many times to positions within comcast acorss the USA only one call back and was not offered the job. Im applying now again and am...

joeG in Houston, Texas

Updated 85 months ago

Comcast university - 1 Reply

What can experienced comcast employees tell me about the initial training at "comcast university"? I am starting the training soon and am looking...

joeG in Houston, Texas

Updated 85 months ago

Job History - 1 Reply

In my application, I checked off that they could contact old employers as a sign of good faith, but I know that each company is out of business,...

halnuaimi in Antioch, Tennessee

Comcast Application and hiring chances?

Hi, What the different between application directly to comcast website, or from other website ex. Monster, ? if i applied from comcast website, do...

hardworkingman629 in Antioch, Tennessee

Updated 86 months ago

Tattoos - 4 Replies

So i got the job at comcast and need to know that the policy is on tattoos. I got a tech job with them and the tattoos are on my arms. pls let me...

Elocin Belle in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 87 months ago

I have heard nothing - 2 Replies

how long did it take to hear anything from comcast? I went in for a prescreening 2 weeks ago then took the assessment test. Early this week i went to...

Karen1234 in Chicago, Illinois

Comcast Business Class B2B outside sales account executive job

I applied for a Comcast B2B field sales rep job in the Chicago area. The ad says base and commission. Does anyone know the expected base and...

Nick in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 87 months ago

Did I get the job ? - 2 Replies

I recently applied for a Tech position within Comcast. After the initial group interview, I was called for a individual interview with some of the...

steph1722 in Kennesaw, Georgia

Will comcast still hire you if you have a misdemeanor on your record?

A friend of mine is going to take the first test soon for Communication Technician 1. He has a misdemeanor from 7 years ago can he still get the jobs.

gmgiuffre in Stockton, California

Updated 88 months ago

I have a Interview.... Today! - 1 Reply

What should i know about the interview? Can anyone help me? I have 4 hours.

Haze85 in Southfield, Michigan

Updated 90 months ago

When do Benefits start... - 1 Reply

I got hired as a Winback Sales Representative does anyone know when an employee's health benefits start?

Howard Skyvision in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 90 months ago

Comcast News and Happenings. - 8 Replies

What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are...

Lynkz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 94 months ago

MVR minimum requirements for Communications Tech I? - 3 Replies

I just got offered a job as a communications technician for comcast, and i am pretty worried about the background check. I have had 2 moving...

HD in Mount Prospect, Illinois

Does taking the assessment test apply to marketing positions?

Hi, I am about to be interviewed for a marketing position and was wondering if the assessment test I keep reading about will apply to hiring for a...

UncleDamfee in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 97 months ago

Anyone know how often Comcast University sessions start? - 2 Replies

I thought I was going to start soon, but my background check isn't going to make it in time. How long would I have to wait until the next session?

pandas31 in Chicago, Illinois

How to find out if I got the job.

Hi I just had an interview at Comcast on Friday for a warehouse rep. I was wondering if anyone knew how long it will take to find out if I got the...

Etacovda_08 in Nashville, Tennessee

B2B Sales Agent - Interview questions

Does anyone know what type of questions are asked for the sales or B2B sales Comcast Positions?? Any information to help would be appreciated, thanks

FRedlinWetworksEntertainment in Orange, California

Updated 99 months ago

Background check - 1 Reply

Have other people gone through background checks with Comcast and had them ask for your high school diploma? I wouldn't find it so strange if I...

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