watch out

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67 months ago

yes this is a sh-t company they got rid of almost all their people so they could bring on higher paid managers

RTFirefly in atlanta, Georgia

66 months ago

Wonder why this s**t hole of a company has all the jobs? These so called managers are heartless, and lie. I know of a case where these rat hole lied about an employee and fired him so they could save money. When the employee used there so called open door policy then the so called managers put him through hell by seeing that they made him homeless. WHAT A COMPANY.........

Dr Do Nasty in atlanta, Georgia

60 months ago

CCC is trash. The people there as JoeW the fatbaster are liars. This is the only way for the so called managers to keep there jobs. Another coward is KenDildo. This is one cowardly manager who hides behind a phone when he has to get rid of someone. These trash of people will lie just to fire you and then stop your unemployment. These so called people enjoy putting people out in the street. They get there jollies out of this. To hell with CCC.

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