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pennystenger in Wheeling, West Virginia

93 months ago

After three years of investigating my health insurance company, Carelink Health Plans Inc. of West Virginia and its parent company, Coventry Health Care of Bethesda MD., a Fortune 500 company and the "darling of wall street," I have discovered much abusive behavior and write an account of a bizarre journey.

Just consider the significance of my findings: it matters not in many cases if one is insured. Health plans routinely deny "rightful" benefits to the insured.

The type of behavior I describe in my blog, Tuesdays Tirades and Tales (, does not happen in a vacuum. Period.

I would like to hear from people who want to join me in making practices like I have experienced national news.

Please link me to other social activists’ sites.

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M in Winfield, Illinois

88 months ago

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois must be a close second. It takes an average of 6 months worth of phone calls to get them to actually review a claim by hand, instead of sending it back through a computer. I pay premiums every month and have to hold my breath to see if they will hold up their end and pay eligible claims. They have several interesting excuses and loopholes on hand to explain even the most obnoxious of denials. They deliberately contract with providers who they know bill in such a way that it will appear "not covered" when the claim comes through, even the the actual service rendered is a covered service. When I've asked them to tell me up front which providers bill in such a way, they can't or won't tell me. Apparently it is up to me to make hundreds of phone calls and find out which clinics actual bill as a clinic instead of an "ambulatory hospital visit." Hospital visits are not covered office visits, even though I am seen by a fricking nurse in an office. Since it is billed as a hospital visit, I get stuck with the bill. When you call the provider, they tell you Blue Cross knows full well what type of facility they are and should review the claim by hand. I think you get the idea. What is sad is that it is only because I have health care experience that I even know to ask these questions. I wonder how many innocent people are just paying these bills for services that are COVERED but are routinely being denied. Blue Cross is one of the worst in this regard, especially if you have an individual policy.

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pennystenger in Wheeling, West Virginia

88 months ago

Hello, M,

Thank you for taking the time to write about the atrocities at Blue Cross of Illinois. Are you aware of Tom Daschle, the man named to work on health care for all, is looking for stories. Gives me hope.

Today's e-mail revealed that the CEO of Coventry resigned today effective Friday. I chuckle as I read of the "integrity" Mr. Wolf exhibited.

Lots of movement in my fight for justice. The federal court ruled that I can continue my lawsuit against Carelink, subsidiary of Coventry, in District Court. Carelink attorneys will depose me this week, likely all day session.

How about mailing me directly at so we can follow this up together? Maybe we can share more stories and begin something.

In 2007 Coventry was fined $264,000.00 by medicare for unethical marketing of plans to seniors and the disabled. Unfortunately, regulatory agencies are too cozy with health plans and false ratings mislead others.

Hope to hear from you.
Penny Stenger

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