Experience of working at the Covidien plant in Hobart NY

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Penny in Delhi, New York

33 months ago

I was employed with this company for 21 yrs,with all the loyalty and respect one could give, I had even at times put my employer before my family. Then in February 2012 I was terminated with no warning, meeting to discuss what was my future for a human error, not for stealing drugs; even management agreed it was a human error and that it could have happened to anyone, I even spoke directly with supervisor of my concerns and she told me that I had nothing to worry about as it was a human error, the next day on my day off I was contacted to come to the plant, which I thought I was receiving a written warning or a possible suspension, but that was not the case I was terminated with no warning or say, even what was written on the form was not completely correct as it stated that I issued the errant topserts to production, which was not the truth and they had documentation of that information. The error I was involved in did actual happen previously that is why the company placed automated sensors and systems in place to prevent a wrong topsert (leaflet that describes the product) being placed incorrectly. which that those system were bi-passed, which that error was not human but intentionally bypassed. I feel bad for them that they treat people this not so much so on me anymore as they gave me the opportunity to really see their true color.

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