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What do you think - will Coworx Staffing grow fast? Are they expanding their staff? How does Coworx Staffing stack up against the competition?

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forgotten candidate in Shelton, Connecticut

48 months ago

I signed up with Coworx Staffing ONE YEAR AGO. Not one interview. Nothing. I have years of experience and excellent skills. Still nothing. The job postings are lies. They actually told me that they run ads just to get resumes so they can call companies and tell them they have enough candidates ready, will and able to work. But when their ploy falls through, THE FACT REMAINS, there was no job in the first place.

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38 months ago

I discovered the same thing and I think a lot of agencies run ads just to get resumes. It happened with me a few agencies.

As for Coworx, I can't say i would recommend them, at least the branch i used. They did find a great job for me but lead me to beleive it would turn into a permanent position when it fact it was temporary. The staff were not good with communicating and gave me the brush off as soon as the assignment was over and told me they didn't have a job for me.

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moonflower64 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

23 days ago

Coworx stinks. They always post the same jobs for the same companies. It's like they only have 6 companies they work with. The worst part is, EVERY time I go there they make me wait forever. It
doesn't matter if they're busy or not; doesn't matter if I had an appointment or not. I went there
recently for the THIRD time this year. The 1st time, I did all the paperwork, watched safety video,
etc. All I had to do was the drug test. I had another appt so I told them I had to leave-I'd come back soon to do the drug test. I went back soon to do the drug test. I was told that I'd have to come back
to do it because the computers were down. I went there again last week JUST to do the drug test. They
kept me waiting forever(again!).I had to go to the washroom, but I held it because I thought it'd be a
urine drug test. I then saw someone with the mouth swab test & was steamed that I could've went to the washroom all that time. People who arrived AFTER me were leaving ahead of me. After waiting an
hour & 20 minutes, I walked out. I will NEVER deal with this company again.

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