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muchfaith in Lake Forest, California

86 months ago

I was called today by a Cox recruiter and have an appointment to take the basic skills test tomorrow. Can anyone give me an idea what that is?

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meagan vaca in Chino Hills, California

86 months ago

Hi~ How did your skills test go? I was wondering if you can tell me what position you applied for and how long it took them to contact you. I submitted my application on August 6th and have not heard back yet. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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muchfaith in Lake Forest, California

86 months ago

I applied on July 29th for 7 different positions. I got the message "This message is to inform you that you have not been selected to move forward in the recruiting process." on two of them within 24 hours. I was called on Aug 13 to take the test for the Residential Sales position. So it hasn't been that long for you yet but I know how you feel. If you know anyone at all that works at Cox I wold contact them and ask them if they can help you out. I hear it helps to know someone who works there. I had a friend that went through the hiring process and after getting an offer he was not hired but it was because he was here on a work visa and they don't want to pay to have the visa/permit transferred. He said the process take quite a while.

I did pass the test. It's pretty simple. Everything said here about not finishing the math is true. You cannot possibly finish it. I think the important thing is to not guess at answers. It seems accuracy counts more than quantity.

So I passed the test on Aug 14 and just got called yesterday to set up an interview and that's not for a week. So it dos take time.

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meagan vaca in Chino Hills, California

86 months ago

Thank you so much for the info I really appreciate it and Congratulations on passing the test! I applied for 5 different positions as well and have not heard back on any of them. I applied for the Sales Specialist Positions, and I have been in Sales and Customer Service for over 10 years. I do not know any one on the inside, sure wish I did. Hope to hear something soon. Good Luck to you and thanks again for your help.

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DivaDali in Mesa, Arizona

76 months ago

Don't worry about the basic skills test. The one I took for technical support, at least, was pretty simple. It takes about an hour and has several section. It is primarily testing your attention to detail, reading comprehension, and basic math skills. There isn't much you can study for, except maybe brushing up on fractions if you feel you need to.

Just don't forget to bring your resume. They ask you to do this when I set up the appointment, and will make a note of those who don't.

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76 months ago

I applied for inbound sales and retail sales. Took me 1 month to get results. I had probably 6 short interviews over the phone,at least 4 in person and multiple emails.I had feeling on my next interview that the interviewer didn't have an idea that I just had similar interview two days ago.One interview was strange.6 to 7 people were interviewing me for about 45 minutes.They just had a long table and all of them were there.One of them seemed to be a manager but he was asking strange questions like "I am just curios, when did you applied for this job? Hmmm. So, when did you received call and from whom? And what happened next?I am just curios how the process works."
I felt like saying something "Just ask HR sitting next to you, he'll tell you how the process works."
Anyway, I wish I was more helpful but the process was so messy and I had to go so many times to there HQ and talk on the phone at home to them, that I just lost track of what is going on.
My last interview was with the manager from the long big table. He told me that he wants me to start in one week and told me to learn competitors prices and channel line up.After not receiving any emails from Cox, I emailed them, asking on status.They emailed me back saying I was not selected.Than, few days later I was cleaning my Spam emails on Yahoo and discovered another email from them stating similar thing.Somehow it went directly to spam.I guess even Yahoo got tired of them.
I don't know if Cox is a bad or good company.I don't know. I am just saying I had kinda weird experience applying for job there.I even told my wife I feel I AM working there because I was so involved in it all this time.

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Examples in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

18 months ago

Mr. Ortiz has to successfully interview 90% of his assigned households. He was
assigned 500 households. He has interviewed 430 households so far. Has he met
his goal?
4. Your new cell phone battery needs to be charged for 3 hours and 45 minutes before
using it. If you plug the battery into the charger at 8:20 a.m., you should wait till what
time before using it?
5. 2610.0 miles - 2554.8 miles =
6. What is 80% of $1,200?
7. Joan order carpet that was 11/16 inch thick. The pad underneath was 5/8 inch thick.
How much thicker is the carpet than the pad?
8. A customer wants to purchase new carpet, her bedroom measures 12 ft by 15 ft.
How many sq. yards does the customer need to buy?
9. Danielle got to work at 9:30 in the morning. She worked a six hour day plus she took
at 45 min lunch break. What time did Danielle leave work if she worked 6 hours and
took a 45 min lunch?

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