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DivaDali in Mesa, Arizona

68 months ago

I was recently offered a technical support position at Cox, and I thought I would share my experience. First of all, let me say that you do not need to know someone to get a job there. I just moved to this state, and I don't know anyone at Cox. So, here is the process I went through:

1. Applied at cox.greatjob.net. I applied to two positions. For both I took short pre-assessments and uploaded my resume.

2. Called a recruiter. After taking the assessments and uploading my resume I was promoted to call a recruiter within 15 minutes. I received this message for both jobs.

3. Brief phone interview. When I initially called the recruiter I was asked a handful of questions. The questions were mostly about my direct experience.

4. Longer phone interview. After the short interview I was offered a longer phone interview. For the technical support interview and appointment was made and I received a call the next day. For the other position I had my phone interview immediately. Both interviews took 15 - 20 minutes each and asked basic questions about my customer service experience.

5. Testing. After my phone interviews I was invited to take an assessment test in person for the technical support position. I did not continue the process in the other position. I was called a couple of days after my interview to arrange the testing appointment. I went into Cox Communications and took an hour long "basic skills test" with a group of about 8 - 10 people. The test primarily tests your attention to detail, basic math, and reading comprehension skills. It took about an hour.

(to be continued)

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DivaDali in Mesa, Arizona

68 months ago

6. In person interview. Two days after I took the test I was invited to interview in person. My appointment was made for the next day. At the in person interview I was interviewed by two team leaders. The questions were very similar to the questions from the phone interview. At the end they asked me why I should get the job. Then they answered some questions I had and told me I would hear something within a week.

7. Job offer. I received the job offer two days after my interview. I was then asked to fill out paperwork for a background check and do a drug test. My start date was about a month after I received the job offer.

In all it took 12 days from the time I applied to the time I was offered the job. Then add approximately a month from that time to starting.

I was never asked to take the personality test, for whatever reason.

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